Breed Facts & Information

As animal lovers we all have our favourites, with certain species offering greater personal appeal than others. As dog lovers, some of us will favour large, working breeds such as the Mastiff, Mountain Dog or Malamute, while others will fancy themselves "toy" breed enthusiasts, inclining towards the Chihuahua, Pug or Pinscher. Those amongst us that would rather class themselves "cat people", may prefer the independent feline that comes and goes as it pleases, or the peaceful lap cat that makes home on their shoulder or window-ledge.

Whatever your species of choice, albeit the dog, cat or horse, when it comes to choosing the right breed, some of us will have pre-destined ideas about what to go for, while others will be uncertain what breed best suits their lifestyle, taking into consideration aspects of grooming, exercise, health and temperament.

Either way, VioVet's breed information page aims to assist you in your decision, providing all the information you will need to make an informed judgement, whilst offering an inclusive overview of popular and rare breeds across a variety of species.