French Bulldog

French Bulldog

The French Bulldog originates from...

Contrary to popular belief, the French Bulldog hails from Nottingham, England, where it was the breed choice of lace makers and craftsmen in the city. Used to hunt and kill vermin in the workplace, the Bulldog was portable enough in size to be transported back and forth from house to factory, making it both convenient and versatile. With the Industrial Revolution, demand for the specialised work of artisans diminished in favour of mechanical production, forcing many lace makers to seek employment in France. Arriving with their small dogs in the 1860s, the French immediately took to the Bulldog and attributed 'French' to the beginning of its name. Popular amongst the artistic and eccentric of Parisian city dwellers, the French Bulldog grew in favour, retaining its name on its return to England as well as its concrete reputation.

The French Bulldog is characterised by...

A compact dog of reduced proportions, the breed boasts several distinctive features, including a broad, well-defined muzzle, prominent eyes, upright, bat-like ears and a straight or corkscrew tail. The coat is typically short and loose-fitting, common in colour variations of cream, brindle, fawn, black and white, usually with piebald or spotted markings. A descendent of the Toy Bulldog, the breed falls within the 'utility' branch of canines, sharing its classification with non-sporting breeds including the Dalmatian, Akita and Poodle.

The average French Bulldog...

Despite its bullish appearance, the breed possesses a steady and easy temperament, displaying loyalty and devotion towards its master and family, whilst acting fearlessly to safeguard its loved ones in the event of perceived threat. Compatible with children and other house pets, providing they demonstrate the same gentleness, the French Bulldog is well suited to the home setting, making a great addition to active or relaxed family life. Typically, a fully grown French Bulldog will weigh 9-13 kg, with a life expectancy of roughly 10-12 years.


Optical disorders and cherry eye are particularly common with the French Bulldog, as are skin infections and breathing difficulties. Ensuring a balanced diet is administered is essential and feeding human foods is not recommended as the Bulldog gains weight easily, which can be detrimental to its general health and happiness. Spinal defects and joint and heart disease are documented in the breed, as well as heat stroke and intolerance.

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Our French Bulldog owners' thoughts

Added on 05/11/2013
Joined 04/11/2013
From Kent, United Kingdom

I have a 6 month old french bulldog called Hudson. He is the easiest puppy to look after. He was house trained by 3 months old, never whines and hardly ever barks. He sleeps a lot, but also loves to play and go on long walks. He likes to be with us all the time when were at home, but is happy to be left on his own for a few hours so he can sleep a bit more!! They are very affectionate dogs and great fun to be around.

Added on 19/12/2013
Joined 22/05/2013
From West Midlands, United Kingdom

We have a 10 month old Frenchie called Bob. We got him when he was 12 weeks old and can't imagine life without him.

He has a wonderful temperament and everyone who meets him falls in love with him, we've had so many offers to doggy sit we've lost count! He loves people and children and loves to snuggle up on the sofa with you. He sleeps alot! He has been really easy to train and we've found to keep it fun and simple for him as Frenchies can get stubborn. He likes walks but not for too long and prefers to play indoors. We do leave him for a few hours in his cage and he is fine and he also sleeps in his cage over night as he does snore VERY loud. He rarely barks, only when he's playing or if the door knocks.

The only downside is they do have quite smelly flatulence! BUT you put up with it because everything else about them is wonderful

Added on 31/12/2013

My frenchie princess is 20 months, she is loveable & loves a fuss & people, loves her walks, never runs off. She so makes us laugh with her funny ways, a proper clown. She's a loud snorer & farts alot, plus suffers with allergies and ear problems, but love her to bits, they make the best companions, just so friendly & pleased to see you, would deffo have more.

Added on 11/01/2015
Joined 11/01/2015
From North Yorkshire, United Kingdom

I have always owned standard poodles or Rottweilers, Bertie my frenchie has a bit of both, makes me laugh (poodle) close company (rottie) we are both smitten with him and only had him 4months

Added on 04/09/2015
Joined 04/09/2015
From Lancashire, United Kingdom

I have a two year old French Bulldog called Reggie. He is the most loving, gentle and well mannered dog especially with my 1 year old little boy. He hardly barks and just loves to be part of the family. You can sit and cuddle him like a baby!

He can be mischievous and boisterous at times and loves to steal things for a chase. He could play with his tennis ball and go on walks for hours. But he also loves his quiet time and snoozes. He is the perfect family dog. Apart from how much he sheds. He is one hairy little beast :-)

Added on 09/02/2017
Joined 26/09/2015
From Cumbria, United Kingdom

Frankie is an utter plonker. Runs off when he's outside and leaps on any visitors. He barks a lot and took 10 months to house train. He has allergies and frequent eye problems. He wants to play 24/7 and is hugely needy of attention. Despite all that he's hilarious and so so pleased to see me all the time. He's really bad mannered with other dogs and people but really tolerant of my little daughter and my grumpy cat. He has pluses and minuses but I love him to bits. Oh and he sheds loads and has a very windy bottom as well as snoring so loud you can't hear the tv. Lol

Added on 02/01/2018
Joined 02/01/2018
From West Midlands, United Kingdom

My wife and I have seven dogs, one of which is her Frenchie, Daisy. All of our dogs are great, but Daisy is amazing! She has worked at charity events, primary schools and a dementia unit, because her temperament is so steady she is excellent with people of all ages. She has a way of making people feel better and special, and instinctively knows when she needs to be extra gentle. She is extraordinarily faithful to my wife, whose side she never leaves. Obviously not every dog in a breed will be the same, but Frenchie's really do make brilliant pets.

Added on 10/04/2018
Joined 09/06/2016
From West Yorkshire, United Kingdom

We have 2 Frenchies, alfie is pure white , 3yrs and is mad as an hatter , hates pigeons and squirrel s who come into our garden ,likes to jump in our raised beds and flick his back legs so soil goes every were, but is still a baby at night likes to sleep with his Mr rabbit in his mouth
Tilly oh tilly .. is our 3 yr old bitch, pied colour , deaf at birth had both back knees, operated on at 8 month , been attacked by a female staff . To date she has a probiotic tummy problem , and has a blood itch and is on apoquel ,phew !!! Tilly loves sign language , loves food however she's allergic to pea/pea powder,potatoes,rice, soy wheat , grass , uk trees ,you name it she has it , cannot find dog food wet or dry to feed her , any suggestions welcome but very loving, loves carrying an old lead in her mouth to shake and she runs after it and brings it back , if she leaves it behind she knows to go back and pick it up ,

Added on 28/12/2018
Joined 15/01/2016
From Cambridgeshire, United Kingdom

We have a 10month boy called Mack. He was the runt of the litter and very slow to gain weight. He is still a little under average, but starting to bulk up now.
He is the most affectionate and cuddly boy. He’s like a 2 year old child, full of energy and into everything! We need eyes in the back of our heads, but he’s just so cute he gets away with murder!!
Thankfully he doesn’t have any allergies that we know of but we do have him on a grain free diet but that doesn’t help with his very bad and smelly wind!!

Added on 17/07/2019
Joined 07/05/2015
From Castell-nedd Port Talbot, United Kingdom

Four words;

Added on 15/09/2019
Joined 09/06/2016
From West Yorkshire, United Kingdom

2019 update we lost our white french bulldog alfie in October 2018 age 3 to a degeneration spine costing £ 6,000 for operation when he was 1 yr old ,

Tilly became depressed and morose , so we decided to get her a play mate and along came frank the black pug , to date he is now 1 yr old and loves tilly ...... tillys tummy troubles are thing of past after switching her and frank on frozen raw food and the transformation is astonishing her coat is snow white her body is solid along wi her toilet habit , no gas no bad breath raw food is amazing mixing with egg shell ...oven dry them 1st

Try it and see the transformation

Added on 21/09/2019
Joined 08/08/2017
From United Kingdom

Arnie is now 5.5yrs. He has had skin allergies since very young. He constantly has itchy feet due to being allergic to grass, of all things, and maize. He snores VERY Loudly. Has to be by our side when we are in the house. He doesn't really like being on his own but he puts up with it and goes to sleep...which he does a lot of. He prefers sleeping on our bed at night. He tolerates our chicken, who tries to nick his food and always chases the rabbits, who are used to him. He doesn't bark. He has very pongy wind... We had to have him neutered recently, (awful devision) he Immediately put a lot of weight on at the same time as getting even lazier. He doesn't have breathing issues ,well except snoring. No joint issues. He is quite a big frenchie compared to others we have seen. We all love him to bits

Added on 09/05/2020
Joined 05/02/2019
From Hertfordshire, United Kingdom

My rescue Frenchie Bear. Is the most devoted little dog.
She sleeps with me. Never leaves my side. I would highly recommend to anyone to rescue one of this beautiful dogs. Xx

Added on 20/09/2020
Joined 26/04/2016
From Northumberland, United Kingdom

We have two 5 month old French pups, Bob and Harry. Brothers from same little so one minute they are playing like nutters and another they are squabbling like typical siblings. This is the first time we have had Frenchies ( previously had GS, Rottweiler and cockers) and OMG the character in these little guys is like nothing I have come across before. Little Harry wz poorly when we first brought him home (vascular ring around oesophagus) so had a major operation. All went well initially but now has scar tissue on his oesophagus so cannot eat solid food at the minute. Waiting for a follow up operation where they put a balloon down and try to stretch it back out. Until then he is on a liquid only diet. This just means everything he eats goes into blender wz a bit of water. Works well most days but on days when he fancies something different it can be difficult, oh and he pee’s SO much due to how much water is in his diet but as long he goes out for very regular “per time” we don’t have too many accidents in the house.
I can’t remember life before these 2 dudes came into our lives. There is nothing I wouldn’t do for them and they are truly the light in my life.