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  • Understanding your cat's personality: part 3 Image

    For the last two weeks we’ve been delving into the curious behaviours and personalities of one of the UK’s favourite pets. The cat is an explorer, a hunter, a napper and a trooper all simultaneously, as well as many other things, and today we look at how a cat communicates with you. Is yours the strong and silent type, or a complete cha...

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  • Could you spot colic in your horse? Image

    The word ‘colic’ brings feelings of dread to most horse owners, being one of the most prevalent and potentially deadly clinical complaints out there. More horses die of colic-related illness than just about any other, which goes to show how common it really is. But could you notice the signs if colic suddenly struck? Although the term e...

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  • First Aid for Dogs Image

    No one wants to plan for their dog getting hurt, but chances are they will at some point in their lives. Having a first aid kit to hand is essential, even if it just contains antiseptic cream and bandages. It is important to take this with you when you travel, as you never know when an accident will happen. Of course, if your dog’s injuries a...

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  • Understanding your cat's personality: part 2 Image

    Getting to grips with the quirky behaviours and personality traits of your cat can take time, especially if you’re new to cat ownership. Last week we discussed three feline personalities – the explorer, the trooper and the intruder – and explained why your cat might fall into these categories. Today we’re looking at three mo...

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  • Laminitis: a risk to the older horse Image

    A horse’s susceptibility to certain health problems increases with age, just as it does for geriatric humans, due to general wear and tear on the body. But now research is indicating a clear link between healthy older horses and laminitis risk, as insulin response increases with advancing years. The studies, conducted in collaboration with Sp...

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  • Understanding your cat's personality: part 1 Image

    Anyone who knows cats will recognise what curious creatures they are, driven by slightly odd behaviours at times. While it is common for cats to exhibit the same set of behaviours, such as kneading, racing around the house, sleeping in strange places etc, some cat personalities and environments in which they live will incline them towards more spec...

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  • How much weight can a horse comfortably carry? Image

    Horses are big, powerful animals, but they do have their limits when it comes to how much weight they can carry. Researchers have identified a suitable rider weight threshold of 20% a horse’s bodyweight, including the weight of the tack. Beyond this and a horse will be under strain, making injuries more likely and reducing the horse's ability...

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  • Dandruff in dogs - how to treat a scurfy coat Image

    Dandruff is an uncomfortable and unsightly condition that affects as many dogs as it does humans. Like humans, some dogs are more prone to dandruff and dermatitis-related problems than others, but often there is an underlying cause that is triggering the dryness and scurfy coat. Essentially, dandruff is just the surface layer of skin that has flake...

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  • Bathing your horse Image

    Bathing your horse

    18 April 2018 - by in Pet Care

    The weather has finally turned and so a lot of you will be out bathing your horses. For the best results, follow our top tips and help transform your muddy monsters into gleaming show-ready horses. What you will need: Sponge Bucket Horse shampoo Sweat scraper Coat shine spray Mane and tail conditioner If your horse is particularly muddy when you st...

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  • Preventing pulling Image

    Preventing pulling

    16 April 2018 - by in Pet Care

    Teaching your dog good leash manners is vital if you want to avoid a game of tug-of-war every time you go out for a stroll. Dogs are naturally inclined to go on ahead and explore with their noses, but if their will to sniff everything in sight is wrenching your arm out of its socket on the daily, it’s time to take back control of the lead. It...

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