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  • Guide to worm control for keepers of hens Image

    Guide to worm control for keepers of hens

    28 July 2020 - by Flubenvet (Guest Author) in Birds

    There are many types of internal and external parasites which may affect your laying hens each type can cause different symptoms. Parasites have evolved with birds over millions of years and small numbers of parasites will usually complete their lifecycle in the host without necessarily causing any obvious harm. The common poultry worms are Roundwo...

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  • Supporting your pet's liver Image

    The liver is an organ that processes our pet’s nutrients and helps get rid of any toxins. This means a normal functioning liver is a crucial part of our pet’s life, and when it becomes damaged it’s really important to ensure it recovers. Fortunately the liver has a great capacity to repair if we provide it the right environment an...

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  • Hot Weather Care Tips Image

    Hot Weather Care Tips

    22 June 2020 (Last Updated: 25 June 2020) - by in Pet Care

    Summer is finally here! Our dogs are loving the longer days, and the longer walks that often come with it. However we need to be particularly careful of the dangers the hotter days can bring. Below are our vet tips on keeping your pet happy and safe throughout the summer! What are the dangers of hot weather? Heat stroke This is where your pet&rsq...

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  • Helping your pet cope when normal life resumes Image

    Helping your pet cope when normal life resumes

    8 June 2020 (Last Updated: 8 June 2020) - by in Pet Care

    With the Coronavirus crisis forcing us to spend significantly more time at home, for our pets, it’s probably felt like all their Christmases have come at once! Whether we’ve been working from home or self-isolating, they’ve had us with them for whole days at a time, rarely venturing beyond the four walls of our homes. So, when nor...

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  • Regular Delivery FAQs Image

    Regular Delivery FAQs

    3 June 2020 (Last Updated: 13 July 2020) - by in Pet Care

    Is it free to sign up to a Regular Delivery? Yes, this service is completely free. Do I have to sign up for a certain length of time? No, there is absolutely no commitment necessary and you're free to cancel at any time. Are all products eligible for Regular Delivery? Regular Delivery isn't available for everything. It is available on a wide range...

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  • The importance of choosing a senior diet for elderly pets Image

    The importance of choosing a senior diet for elderly pets

    29 May 2020 (Last Updated: 29 May 2020) - by Cat Henstridge BVSc MRCVS (Guest Author) in Cats

    Making sure our pets have the correct nutrition throughout their lives is extremely important, especially as they get older. A properly balanced diet tailored to their needs will help to ensure that they continue to thrive as they progress through their twilight years. As our dogs age they tend to gain fat but lose muscle and overall are prone to o...

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  • Fly Strike in Rabbits Image

    Spring and summer are approaching and our pet rabbits love the warmer climate and longer days this brings. Unfortunately so do flies, with the warmer months being their prime breeding season. The larvae they produce can actually be deadly to our pets, which is why we've outlined steps on how to keep your pet bunny safe! What is Fly Strike? Flies na...

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  • Arthritis in pets - prevention & management Image

    Approximately 25% of dogs will suffer from osteoarthritis in their lifetime. This is where one or multiple joints are inflamed and painful - something which is most commonly due to aging. It’s not just our pet dogs that are affected either; in one study 90% of cats over the age of 12 had signs of osteoarthritis on x-ray. How do I know if my p...

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  • A guide to grooming your pet Image

    If you’ve got cats and dogs, you’ll probably be all too aware of the fact they’re shedding at the moment. Shedding is connected to daylight hours, with increased sun stimulating the hair to grow, shed and replace itself. If you have house cats, you may find that shedding isn’t too much of a problem as they are affected sligh...

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  • Hindgut Health - Why is it so important in horses? Image

    Hindgut Health - Why is it so important in horses?

    5 May 2020 (Last Updated: 5 May 2020) - by MSD (Guest Author) in Horses

    Horses are designed to be trickle feeders, chewing high fibre roughage for the majority of the day. Their digestive systems are adapted to efficiently use this fibre for energy, with 60-70% of a horse’s energy requirements coming from the hindgut. The population of micro-organisms in the hindgut ferment the high fibre roughage to slowly relea...

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