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  • Top 10 Tips for Protecting Poultry from Pesky Pests Image

    Top 10 Tips for Protecting Poultry from Pesky Pests

    15 April 2020 (Last Updated: 15 April 2020) - by Nettex (Guest Author) in Birds

    No matter how careful we are, there are a number of Pesky Pests that can infect your chickens and their environment. If left unchecked, external parasites can be really problematic and even jeapordise the health of your flock. To help keep your chickens healthy, productive and happy, follow these top tips from Nettex. 1. Be vigilant: Keep a close e...

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  • Protecting wildlife this winter Image

    Protecting wildlife this winter

    25 November 2013 - by in Birds

    Most of us probably don't realise that weather conditions in the UK this year have meant many species of wildlife have suffered a decline. A drought during spring meant that frogs, toads and other pond-dwelling species mourned the loss of their habitat as prolonged warm weather dried up ponds, leaving them nowhere to go. The heat was followed by a...

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