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  • Your pet's first bonfire night Image

    Your pet's first bonfire night

    29 September 2020 (Last Updated: 29 September 2020) - by in Pet Care

    If you're new to pet ownership, you may not have given much thought to bonfire night and fireworks season in general. But it's believed that over half of all dogs have firework-related anxiety, presenting as trembling, panting, pacing, destructive behaviours and abnormal toileting, to name just a few signs. If your pet has never experienced it befo...

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  • Dealing with firework phobias Image

    Dealing with firework phobias

    28 September 2020 (Last Updated: 29 September 2020) - by in Pet Care

    Most people throughout the UK will be looking forward to the festivities surrounding bonfire night and the firework season, but many of us owners are dreading how our pets will react. Firework phobias are widespread in pets and one study found that up to 52% of dogs have firework-related anxiety. Our feline friends are particularly noise sensitive...

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  • Brexit Pet Travel Update Image

    Brexit Pet Travel Update

    19 August 2020 - by in Pet Care

    Brexit has slipped under our radar and is fast approaching! The UK government has just updated their advice on pet travel after the 1st January 2021. It’s important to be aware of this if you intend on travelling with your pet to the EU to avoid getting stuck abroad! Here is a summarised version of what you need to know: I am travelling to a...

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  • Tips for staycations with pets Image

    Tips for staycations with pets

    18 August 2020 (Last Updated: 18 August 2020) - by in Pet Care

    With COVID and government restrictions disrupting the vast majority of our summer holiday plans this year, many of us are opting for UK-based trips instead, with ‘staycations’ becoming the new foreign getaway. For those of you who favour the UK holiday anyway, you’ve probably got all the gear you need for camping or caravanning wi...

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  • Supporting your pet's liver Image

    The liver is an organ that processes our pet’s nutrients and helps get rid of any toxins. This means a normal functioning liver is a crucial part of our pet’s life, and when it becomes damaged it’s really important to ensure it recovers. Fortunately the liver has a great capacity to repair if we provide it the right environment an...

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  • Hot Weather Care Tips Image

    Hot Weather Care Tips

    22 June 2020 (Last Updated: 25 June 2020) - by in Pet Care

    Summer is finally here! Our dogs are loving the longer days, and the longer walks that often come with it. However we need to be particularly careful of the dangers the hotter days can bring. Below are our vet tips on keeping your pet happy and safe throughout the summer! What are the dangers of hot weather? Heat stroke This is where your pet&rsq...

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  • Helping your pet cope when normal life resumes Image

    Helping your pet cope when normal life resumes

    8 June 2020 (Last Updated: 8 June 2020) - by in Pet Care

    With the Coronavirus crisis forcing us to spend significantly more time at home, for our pets, it’s probably felt like all their Christmases have come at once! Whether we’ve been working from home or self-isolating, they’ve had us with them for whole days at a time, rarely venturing beyond the four walls of our homes. So, when nor...

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  • Regular Delivery FAQs Image

    Regular Delivery FAQs

    3 June 2020 (Last Updated: 13 July 2020) - by in Pet Care

    Is it free to sign up to a Regular Delivery? Yes, this service is completely free. Do I have to sign up for a certain length of time? No, there is absolutely no commitment necessary and you're free to cancel at any time. Are all products eligible for Regular Delivery? Regular Delivery isn't available for everything. It is available on a wide range...

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  • Arthritis in pets - prevention & management Image

    Approximately 25% of dogs will suffer from osteoarthritis in their lifetime. This is where one or multiple joints are inflamed and painful - something which is most commonly due to aging. It’s not just our pet dogs that are affected either; in one study 90% of cats over the age of 12 had signs of osteoarthritis on x-ray. How do I know if my p...

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  • A guide to grooming your pet Image

    If you’ve got cats and dogs, you’ll probably be all too aware of the fact they’re shedding at the moment. Shedding is connected to daylight hours, with increased sun stimulating the hair to grow, shed and replace itself. If you have house cats, you may find that shedding isn’t too much of a problem as they are affected sligh...

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