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  • Berriewood Grain-Free Dog Food Image

    Berriewood Grain-Free Dog Food

    18 February 2022 (Last Updated: 22 February 2022) - by in Dogs

    Introducing the NEW Berriewood Grain-Free Dog Food, a naturally nutritious and hypoallergenic choice for dogs with sensitivities. Made with a high proportion of meat (up to 50%) and added ingredients to help support overall health, our recipes will keep your dog looking and feeling their best, while remaining gentle on their digestions. So, what ar...

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  • What Does Dog Health Insurance Cover? Image

    While dog insurance isn’t a legal requirement like house and car insurance, it covers expensive and unexpected vet bills. Vet fees can rack up if your dog falls ill, has an accident, or requires ongoing treatment – particularly when they’re older. Taking out dog insurance is a practical safety net to protect yourself financially w...

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  • Socialising your dog again post-COVID Image

    Socialising your dog again post-COVID

    5 May 2021 (Last Updated: 5 May 2021) - by in Dogs

    As we start to see the light at the end of the long covid tunnel and ease ourselves back into our busy, bustling lives, it's time to revisit the topic of socialisation and how we can help our dogs adjust back to normal life. For puppies and younger dogs that may never have experienced life without COVID, you'll probably be all too aware of the impo...

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  • A vet's guide to chocolate poisoning in dogs Image

    A vet's guide to chocolate poisoning in dogs

    1 April 2020 (Last Updated: 26 March 2021) - by in Dogs

    Easter is on the horizon and chocolate eggs will be in abundance! But what should we do if the worst happens and your dog manages to eat some? How can we be prepared for this if it happens? What does chocolate do to dogs? Chocolate contains Theobromine. Humans can break down Theobromine easily as we have the correct enzyme, but our dogs can’t...

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  • Vomiting outbreak in dogs Image

    Vomiting outbreak in dogs

    4 March 2020 - by in Dogs

    You may have heard in the news that cases of vomiting in dogs are currently around double the normal average. This has been shown by research scientists at Liverpool University SAVSNET division (Small Animal Veterinary Surveillance Network), comfirming the outbreak that has long been suspected. Currently we aren’t sure of the exact cause, but...

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  • Understanding Cognitive Dysfunction Image

    Understanding Cognitive Dysfunction

    28 February 2020 (Last Updated: 1 March 2021) - by in Dogs

    “Ageing brain disorders, such as dementia and Alzheimer’s, are really hard to diagnose in dogs and cats. In veterinary we group all these conditions under the term 'cognitive dysfunction'. In simple terms, this is where the brain ages and doesn't function as well as it used to. We aren't exactly sure what causes this, but it is possibly...

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  • Raw feeding & dental health Image

    Raw feeding & dental health

    17 February 2020 (Last Updated: 17 February 2020) - by in Dogs

    Dental disease in dogs is a growing problem. In fact, it is estimated that 70% of dogs (and cats) will have the beginnings of dental disease before they are even two years old. This is a worrying statistic and one that needs to be taken seriously. “Plaque is a build-up of bacteria on the teeth and gums, and these bacteria can easily enter the...

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  • Brexit Impact on Pet Travel Image

    Brexit Impact on Pet Travel

    11 February 2020 (Last Updated: 13 January 2021) - by in Dogs

    -- This advice is now out of date, please refer to our latest blog EU Pet Travel Post BREXIT for current information on pet travel -- It finally happened, Britain has left the EU! Now you might be wondering what changes this will bring for you and your pet? To help you better understand the impact of Brexit on travelling with your pet and buying me...

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  • Help - my pet's got fleas! Image

    Help - my pet's got fleas!

    4 February 2020 (Last Updated: 8 April 2022) - by in Dogs

    How do I know it’s fleas? The following are usually signs of fleas on your pet: Your pet is itching more than normal (but not always) You’ve seen live fleas, or flea dirt (small black dots) on your pet or in your house You’ve noticed flea bites on your or your pet How did my pet get them? Fleas are found in warm places where...

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  • Our four tips for healthy teeth Image

    Our four tips for healthy teeth

    30 January 2020 (Last Updated: 30 January 2020) - by Hill's (Guest Author) in Dogs

    Ensuring your dog’s teeth are kept clean and healthy is just as important as ensuring the health of our own. If the right care isn’t shown, plaque and tartar can build up on the teeth and around the gumline, irritating and inflaming the gums (known as gingivitis), and in turn leading to gum disease and even tooth loss. As your dog ages,...

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