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  • What are the benefits of a grain-free diet? Image

    Nowadays, speciality foods that are ‘free from grain/gluten/dairy’ etc are increasingly popular in supermarkets, and unsurprisingly the trend has started appearing in the pet food aisle too. But what are the benefits of feeding a grain-free kibble to your pet? Grain allergies affect roughly 1% of dogs, which is probably fewer than you i...

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  • What is Leishmaniasis? Image

    What is Leishmaniasis?

    29 July 2019 - by in Dogs

    Holiday season is finally here, which is a source of great excitement for many! But for those of us planning on taking our dogs abroad, diseases like Leishmaniasis can well and truly spoil the fun, as well as putting our dog’s lives at risk. What is it? Leishmaniasis is a parasitic disease transmitted by small biting sand flies. The disease t...

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