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  • What is the best diet for my cat? Image

    What is the best diet for my cat?

    20 September 2018 (Last Updated: 17 January 2022) - by in Cat Health & Wellbeing News

    Cats can be such fussy customers when it comes to what you feed them. They may like something initially, and then in the blink of an eye they’re refusing to eat it. But fickleness aside, what is the ideal diet for your cat? Some prefer to feed wet, while others opt for something dry. Some might feed a lifestage-specific food, while others cho...

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  • Cats aren't little dogs and shouldn't be fed as such, says vet Image

    Tackling pet obesity requires little more than cutting down on portion sizes and resisting the temptation to give your four-legged friend the odd treat or two, right? Not really, says one expert, who is of the opinion that too many cat owners, for example, see their pets as 'little dogs' and feed them accordingly. According to pet 'agony aunt' Dr J...

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  • Understanding your feline friend Image

    Everyone knows that when a dog wags their tail it's usually a sign they're enjoying themselves, but understanding cats isn't always such an easy prospect. That's because felines are altogether more independent creatures, and despite the fact they're domesticated they've still maintained many of their wild characteristics. Whether you see your furry...

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  • How to choose the right pet insurance policy Image

    When you're thinking about buying a pet there are all sorts of costs that you have to factor in, such as vets bills, cat food, bedding and even puppy or kitten toys. And one expense that you simply can't afford to neglect if you're being a responsible dog or cat owner is pet insurance, as you never know if or when your mutt or moggie might fall ill...

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  • Charity to help reunite owners with lost cats Image

    There's nothing more distressing for an owner than finding out that their pet hasn't come home for their cat food in the evening or isn't asleep in their basket when they go to bed. However, every year many people have to go through this distressing experience of dealing with a lost or stolen cat, and many of these will never be reunited with their...

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  • Obesity warning for pet owners Image

    Owners across the UK are being encouraged to help their pets stay healthy as a veterinary charity launches its Pet Fit Club competition. A PDSA report last year indicated "deadly diets" are being fed to 18 million of the country's pets, with poor food choices, combined with a lack of exercise, increasing the risk of preventable conditions such as d...

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  • Choosing the right diet for your feline Image

    Cats may be largely independent creatures, but our feline friends still rely on us to ensure that they're fed appropriately - and that means providing them with a suitable diet. Indeed, while it's nice to treat them from time to time, it's important to make certain that they're getting all the vitamins and nutrients they need to lead a healthy life...

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  • Most popular moggies revealed Image

    Cats come in an extraordinary array of shapes and sizes, each breed carrying its own distinct set of characteristics. Almost without exception, moggies will purr but that's about as much as they have in common. Each furry fluffball appeals to different owners although a new survey from Asda Money has revealed the favourites among humans. If you're...

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  • Keeping your feline fit and healthy Image

    Felines may not require quite as much attention as their canine counterparts, but they do need similar levels of care and affection in order to lead happy, healthy lives. Whether that means ensuring we stick to a regular routine when putting down the cat food or making certain they have a way to get in and out of the house with ease, there are plen...

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  • Top tips for litter training your cat Image

    Cats may require less care, attention and training than their canine counterparts, but it's still essential that they know what they're allowed to do in the home. Indeed, one of the issues that many feline owners face is ensuring that their furry friend understands the idea of the litter tray, as no one wants to get back after a long day at work to...

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