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  • Fly Strike in Rabbits Image

    Spring and summer are approaching and our pet rabbits love the warmer climate and longer days this brings. Unfortunately so do flies, with the warmer months being their prime breeding season. The larvae they produce can actually be deadly to our pets, which is why we've outlined steps on how to keep your pet bunny safe! What is Fly Strike? Flies na...

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  • Hutch and cage cleaning tips Image

    Hutch and cage cleaning tips

    29 September 2015 (Last Updated: 23 January 2020) - by in Small Animals

    If you have small animals, you will know the importance of regular hutch and cage cleaning. While it probably isn’t something you look forward to, it’s a necessary evil for a happy and healthy pet. The longer the habitat goes without being cleaned, the more it becomes a breeding ground for bacteria. Over time, this can be harmful to you...

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  • Top 5 Tips on Feeding Rabbits and Guinea Pigs Image

    Top 5 Tips on Feeding Rabbits and Guinea Pigs

    6 August 2015 (Last Updated: 27 May 2020) - by in Small Animals

    No single small animal food can be classed as “complete”. Small animals, often referred to as fibrevores, have a complex digestive system which requires two types of fibre; digestible and indigestible, and to help owners incorporate this fibre into their pet’s daily diet Burgess Pet Care created the Burgess Excel Five Step Feeding...

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