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  • The Truth About Mud Fever Image

    The Truth About Mud Fever

    6 November 2019 - by in Horses

    What is Mud Fever? Mud Fever is a bacterial skin infection which affects the lower legs and feet of horses. The condition is characterised by redness and swelling, painful sores or scabs, as well as hair loss and discharge in many cases. If not treated early, infection can progress further up the leg. Causes Persistently wet and muddy conditions su...

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  • Autumn horse care tips Image

    Autumn horse care tips

    17 October 2019 (Last Updated: 17 October 2019) - by in Horses

    Adapting to the changing seasons is something horses are very good at, but the coming of autumn and winter isn’t without its problems, and these will necessitate forward thinking and careful management. Routines will change and you may need to re-think feeding to ensure your horse is still getting everything it needs. New risks will become ap...

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  • Keeping your horse calm through fireworks Image

    With firework and party season approaching, you may need to start thinking about how you will manage your horse’s stress levels. Firework displays can be particularly disruptive and lead to heightened stress in horses, which can be dangerous if you haven’t taken the necessary precautions. If your horse is particularly nervous they may i...

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  • Fun facts about horses Image

    Fun facts about horses

    30 August 2019 - by in Horses

    Horses have graced the Earth for over 50 million years, according to records. Intelligent, athletic and powerful, there is lots we already know about these amazing creatures, but also lots we can still learn from them. Did you know, for example, that the fastest recorded speed of a horse was 55mph? We’ve compiled a list of other fun facts you...

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  • Getting your horse's weight right Image

    Seeing your horse every day can sometimes make it hard to notice when their weight fluctuates. Whether they’re gaining weight or losing it, it is important to work with your vet to establish the reason why and work out the best course of action. Maintaining a healthy body weight comes down to the right diet, regular (but suitable) exercise, a...

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  • What is natural horsemanship? Image

    Natural horsemanship is something you’ve probably heard many times and may well have mixed feelings about. As with anything, there will be those that swear by it as an effective means of training, and those that are cynical of its powers. For those that are less familiar with it as a training approach, here we’ve given a basic overview....

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