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  • Keeping horses more naturally Image

    When you picture the modern-day domestic horse, what do you see? I imagine it’s a comfortable-looking horse eating grass in a small paddock, maybe with a rug on. But how much does this differ from the wild horses of old that existed much more naturally? Looking back, it’s clear how much has changed for the horse, but how much for the be...

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  • Strange pet laws around the world Image

    We’re all aware of certain laws designed to protect our pets, including the Compulsory Microchipping Law and the Dangerous Dogs Act, but there are, surprisingly, a whole host of other, more questionable laws that exist to keep our pets in line. Today we’re taking a look of some of the more unusual laws around the world, from illegal bar...

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  • Interesting facts about cats Image

    Interesting facts about cats

    8 November 2018 (Last Updated: 7 January 2020) - by in Pet Discussion

    The independent, ever so slightly secretive nature of cats is what we love about them as a species, so there’s nothing more fascinating than learning more about their unique personalities and behaviours! Here are some fun facts about cats that you might not know: A group of kittens is called a kindle, and a group of adult cats is a clowder....

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  • Horse Microchipping Law Image

    A new law, introduced as of 25th June 2018, requiring all horses, ponies and donkeys to be microchipped by October 2020, should improve welfare and help deter theft, says DEFRA. With the RSPCA rescuing almost 1,000 horses last year (2017), many of which were not microchipped and therefore not traceable, this new law should help reunite lost or stol...

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  • Understanding your cat's personality: part 1 Image

    Anyone who knows cats will recognise what curious creatures they are, driven by slightly odd behaviours at times. While it is common for cats to exhibit the same set of behaviours, such as kneading, racing around the house, sleeping in strange places etc, some cat personalities and environments in which they live will incline them towards more spec...

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  • What is GDPR and how will it affect me? Image

    What is GDPR? In simple terms, the General Data Protection Regulation is a reform to the 1995 Data Protection Directive, and aims to strengthen laws on data protection, ultimately safeguarding the rights and freedoms of you and other EU citizens, and giving you control over your personal data. These rights ensure your personal data is only processe...

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  • 6 things we LOVE about our pets Image

    6 things we LOVE about our pets

    14 February 2018 (Last Updated: 20 February 2020) - by in Pet Discussion

    We’re a nation of animal lovers and over 12 million of us share our homes with pets - that’s a whopping 44% of UK households! Whether it’s dogs, cats, rabbits or goldfish, they’re all part of the family. But what is it about pets we all love so much? Maybe we should be asking what it is we don’t love so much! Of course...

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  • 9 Things Horse Owners Love About Spring Image

    9 Things Horse Owners Love About Spring

    8 February 2018 (Last Updated: 23 March 2022) - by in Pet Discussion

    Finally, after a long wet winter, it looks as though things are starting to look up weather-wise, with sunshine for much of the UK this week. For those of us with horses, there’s surely nothing better than the heralding of spring, when we can go about our lives more easily and start enjoying riding our horses again. Here is our list of &lsquo...

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  • Alabama Rot: What you need to know Image

    Having said goodbye to 2017 – the UK’s worst year for cases of the deadly disease, Alabama Rot – we are faced with two new incidences in North Devon and North Yorkshire this January. Sometimes referred to as ‘Black Death’ disease, the official name is Cutaneous and Renal Vasculopathy (CRGV). Last year, Alabama Rot was...

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  • 5 things pet owners love about winter Image

    5 things pet owners love about winter

    1 December 2017 (Last Updated: 13 November 2019) - by in Pet Discussion

    When it comes to winter, it can be difficult finding positive things to say about the season (except for Christmas, of course). The days are shorter, the weather is cold, wet and unpleasant, and it can make some of the activities we love doing with our pets that much harder to do. But even so, winter does deliver some positives, and it’s wort...

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