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Cat Foods (Diets)

Good nutrition is vital for optimum health. Just like people, cats need a very wide range of nutrients in their diet to help maintain them in top condition. Good foods can serve other purposes too. We all like to enjoy our food, and offering a tasty variety of foods your cat will love to eat is something all cat owners appreciate and understand. Beyond that, there are diets which are particularly designed to benefit the teeth and oral health, such as Hills t/d cat food. Other diets can be designed to help control weight gain, or hairball formation, or a host of veterinary diagnosed medical conditions.

We carry a great selection of carefully formulated diets from all the main manufacturers such as Hills, Purina, Iams, Royal Canin, as well as more select brands like Lily's Kitchen, Orijen and Meowing Heads. Most diets are available in "life stages" which means that the slightly different optimal nutrient profile of kittens or older cats can be provided for. Veterinary diets are available (without prescription) for specific medical problems if your vet has advised they are suitable. If in doubt, email our vet, or just give us a ring.

Hairballs, urinary tract health, excess weight gain, allergies, and immune system maintenance are all important concerns for any cat owner. If your vet has recommended a prescription diet plan to speed your cat's recovery from any of these conditions, you can find a variety of top-selling cat food online in our inventory, including products from VetXX Specific, Purina Vet Diets, Hills Prescription Diets, and more. Buying cat food online can be slightly confusing with so many choices, but you can purchase quickly and efficiently through without a prescription and your chosen products will be shipped directly to your door in 24 hours.

Shopping for pet food online has never been simpler!

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