Rabbit & Guinea Pig Hutches

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Whether you are looking to house one rabbit or various, VioVet offers a great range of hutches and runs, specially designed using the highest quality materials, to provide a spacious and secure habitat for your beloved small animals.

The hutches available comprise separate compartments, albeit a wire-fronted living space and a shielded sleeping compartment, and the majority are set on raised legs to retain warmth in the hutch during the colder months. With secure fixings to keep out unwanted visitors (additional fixings may be required to make the hutch fully predator-proof) and easy-clean plastic coated flooring to help you maintain a sanitary space for your pet.

Advice on housing your rabbit

It is important to keep in mind various factors when choosing a suitable indoor habitat for your rabbit.

Although it is not encouraged that rabbits be housed for extended periods of time, rather they be permitted to roam freely in a secured outdoor space during the day, such is not always possible. Therefore, it is essential that a rabbit hutch comprises both space and security for the welfare of the rabbit during its time indoors.

The dimensions of a rabbit hutch are an important consideration when choosing the right enclosure for your pet, and it is recommended that a suitable space should be no less than 6ft long x 2ft deep x 2ft high. Any enclosure that restricts your rabbit's movement significantly is not considered adequate, whether your rabbit is housed overnight or for longer periods of time. Small enclosures also increase the susceptibility of your rabbit to spinal deformities, which are unpleasant, painful and completely avoidable with the right standard of housing.

Ensuring the hutch is elevated, a factor that guarantees a warmer space during the colder months, is also something to consider, as is the security of the hutch against predators. Purchasing a hutch with secure fixings, or attaching your own, will reinforce the hutch against the interference or intrusion of foxes and badgers, the rabbit's two main predators. A hutch that incorporates both a shielded compartment for sleeping and a ventilated space for feeding is the best option, and both areas should be suitably sized, allowing for movement. If possible, attaching a secure and sizeable run to the hutch will permit your rabbit to come and go as it pleases, seeking shelter in poor weather whilst otherwise enjoying an outdoor graze.

It is highly recommended that rabbits be housed in neutered, bonded pairs for reasons of companionship and temperament, with neutered rabbits being far more docile and easily handled than those that have not been neutered.