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VioVet Blog - Cats

  • Keeping your cat safe & warm this winter Image

    In spite of their thick, fluffy coats, winter weather can leave cats really feeling the cold. This might strike you as unlikely as most cats will venture outside in all weathers, but sometimes they do need special attention paying at this time of year. You could say this is more of a problem for outdoor cats and, when it comes to experiencing wind...

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  • Does my cat need a supplement? Image

    Does my cat need a supplement?

    12 November 2019 (Last Updated: 12 November 2019) - by in Cats

    There’s a good chance that you or someone you know takes a daily supplement or multivitamin. But what about our cats? If we’re already feeding them a ‘balanced and complete’ diet, are supplements a necessary addition? In short, they can be! If your cat has a health condition that your vet believes may benefit from additional...

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  • Winter coat care for cats Image

    Winter coat care for cats

    21 October 2019 - by in Cats

    As we move towards winter, you may notice your outdoor cat looking a bit more bedraggled than usual when they return from their daily adventures. As the weather deteriorates and they’re subjected to wind, rain, muddy conditions and even snow, their skin and coats are likely to need a little extra TLC. Likewise, for indoor-only cats, changing...

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  • Is your cat the perfect weight? Image

    Is your cat the perfect weight?

    16 September 2019 - by in Cats

    To keep your cat happy and healthy, it’s a good idea to check on their weight every so often. It can sometimes be difficult to judge whether they’re a healthy weight just by eye alone, especially if they are long-coated. Being more hands-on will help you notice a problem, so here are our top tips for what to look (and feel) for: Ribs &n...

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  • Managing a cat with a chronic illness Image

    Having a cat with a chronic illness can have a major impact, both emotionally and financially. Especially if that illness necessitates ongoing health care and medication, you might be left wondering how you will cope. Following a diagnosis, it can be troubling picturing a future in which your beloved feline is in and out of the vets, having regular...

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  • Pros & cons of neutering your kitten Image

    Having a kitten is a fun and rewarding experience. But it does come with a lot of responsibility and decision-making. What will you feed them? Will they be allowed out when they’re old enough, or be an indoor-only cat? Will you get them neutered/spayed? The question of getting your cat ‘fixed’ is a big one and one that can’t...

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  • Should I brush my cat's teeth? Image

    Should I brush my cat's teeth?

    7 February 2017 (Last Updated: 5 February 2020) - by in Cats

    'Cat dental hygiene' is not a term you hear or see often, which is probably why routine brushing doesn’t feature in many cat’s lives. But it should, as cats are just as susceptible to bad breath, gum disease and tooth decay/loss as many dogs and humans are. Whether your cat is old or young, the condition of the teeth is paramount to the...

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