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  • What dogs could benefit most from a raw diet? Image

    What dogs could benefit most from a raw diet?

    20 April 2020 (Last Updated: 22 April 2020) - by in Dog Health & Wellbeing News

    Aside from the general benefits that owners report when feeding their dog on raw which we have talked about here, such as fresher breath, a shinier, healthier coat and better digestion, while almost all dogs could thrive on a raw diet, there are some dogs that could particularly benefit from eating a raw diet, with especially positive reports from...

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  • Myths about feeding raw Image

    Myths about feeding raw

    20 April 2020 (Last Updated: 20 April 2020) - by in Dog Health & Wellbeing News

    As feeding raw is a relatively new concept when compared to the 150+ years that commercial wet and dry diets have been around, it comes with a healthy share of myths and misinformation that may put owners off giving it a try. We’ve compiled a list of some of the most common concerns when it comes to feeding raw to help you make an informed de...

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  • Berriewood/VioVet Merge FAQs Image

    Why is VioVet merging with Berriewood? VioVet and Berriewood have been under the same ownership for the past three years, and the merge will mean customers have access to a much wider range of products, including prescription medications. Are you moving premises? No – VioVet and Berriewood have been operating from the same premises for the pa...

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  • Does my dog need a supplement? Image

    Does my dog need a supplement?

    2 October 2018 (Last Updated: 11 November 2019) - by in Dog Health & Wellbeing News

    Multivitamins and supplements are all the rage these days, but does that mean your dog should also be taking them? Not for everyone Providing your dog is fed a complete commercial food, they shouldn’t need any additional help getting the right nutrition. Commercial pet foods are specially formulated to meet all your dog’s nutrition need...

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  • Why is my pet so fussy, and how do I get them to eat? Image

    Having a picky pet can be stressful, as you spend your time wondering if they’ll eat their dinner that day or whether they’ll suddenly decide they no longer like it. You may have gone through several different foods, with limited success, so you’ve tried something else and within days your dog or cat has stopped eating it again. U...

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  • How to help your pet lose weight Image

    Overweight pets make up a majority of the general population of UK pets, which is a startling statistic. And while many pet owners are aware their pet is a bit on the heavy side, few know how to help them shift the pounds and achieve a much healthier weight. When it comes to weight loss, first things first. It is vital that you know how much your p...

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  • Tips on puppy feeding Image

    Getting a puppy can be a daunting time, especially if you’ve never had one before and have no past experiences to draw upon. Worries about feeding are some of the most common amongst new owners, so we’ve put together a simple guide to feeding, which we hope gets you off to a good start. For the first few weeks, it is recommended that yo...

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  • How to stop nuisance barking Image

    Barking is a natural behaviour that all dogs will display in certain situations, such as when faced with an intruder or when they’re excited. It's instinctive and very often helpful, as it can alert you to a problem. But sometimes barking can become a nuisance, especially when it is incessant and seems to stem from nowhere. It is important to...

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  • What are lifestage-specific foods and why would you feed them? Image

    Choice is abundant when choosing a food for your cat or dog. With so many varieties online and on the shelves, ranging from wet and dry, complete and complementary, to breed-specific and lifestage-specific, it can be difficult knowing what to go for, especially if you don’t really know the benefits of each. Puppy foods were first introduced t...

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  • Simple steps to stop begging Image

    Begging is one of those annoying behaviours that most dogs exhibit at some point in their lives, and often at the worst times, like when guests are over. But the good news is that it's possible to train your dog out of it, although you'll need to commit time and patience to the cause. Why do dogs beg? Begging is a learned behaviour. Unwittingly you...

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