If you have a light-coated small dog you may have noticed that they have pinkish-brown stains around their eyes where tears caused by runny eyes have discoloured the hair.

Indeed, many breeds such as Westies, miniature poodles and Bichon Frises are prone to this problem, which is caused when your pet pooch's body tries to expel toxins from their system.

A dog's eyes will make tears when they are irritated to remove anything harmful and when the canine's eyes are continually irritated chronic tearing can occur that produces stains.

In some cases it could be that it is an eye infection or eyelash or eyelid problems that are causing the staining so it is always worth paying a visit to your vet to check to see if there is an underlying medical problem.

However, if your dog seems to be in good health, it's worth taking a look at their diet, as poor nutrition can also contribute to the problem. Indeed, many nutritional experts believe that the staining of the fur is a result of an accumulation of toxins in the tears which often results from unsuitable feeding.

This could mean that you are overfeeding your dog, you are feeding them the wrong type of food or a combination of the two. The first thing to do is to check with your vet or a nutritional expert to see if the amount of dry dog food you are feeding your pet is suitable for their size and breed.

Secondly, take a close look at the diet your pup is on to see whether it contains all the nutrients your canine companion needs to lead a happy, healthy and active life.

Ideally you should be feeding your pet a brand such as Burns dog food that has been specially formulated for their needs, and if you feel you may be feeding them something substandard then it might be time to make the change.

Written by: Hannah