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  • What is natural horsemanship? Image

    Natural horsemanship is something you’ve probably heard many times and may well have mixed feelings about. As with anything, there will be those that swear by it as an effective means of training, and those that are cynical of its powers. For those that are less familiar with it as a training approach, here we’ve given a basic overview....

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  • Worming against encysted small redworm Image

    Worming against encysted small redworm

    5 February 2016 (Last Updated: 20 November 2019) - by in Horses

    It’s that time of year when small redworm larvae (cyathostomins) that are acquired over the grazing season from contaminated pasture, begin their hibernation in the gut wall in readiness of their re-emergence come spring. Therefore it is vitally important that you worm now, if you haven't already done so, to protect your horses from the terri...

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  • A short history of Olympia, the London International Horse Show Image

    A short history of Olympia, the London International Horse Show

    18 December 2014 (Last Updated: 16 December 2019) - by in Horses

    As the majority of horse lovers will already know, this week sees the open and close of the world-renowned London International Horse Show, better known as ‘Olympia.’ Hosted at the capital’s historic venue, Olympia International Horse Show is now in its 116th year and continues to deliver top-class equestrian sport and entertainme...

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