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  • Top tips for getting your horse fit Image

    Top tips for getting your horse fit

    21 February 2018 Last updated: 9 June 2020 - By in Pet Care

    With shows looking a likihood for July, you might want to start thinking abour your horse's fitness levels. Whether you like competing or just want to get out hacking for longer, ensuring your horse's fitness is what it should be means they are less likely to injure themselves. There are many fitness plans you can find online, in magazines or on th...

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  • Virbac's guide to understanding pinworm Image

    It is frequently reported that Oxyuris equi, more commonly known as pinworm, can be seen in horse dung even after treatment. There are regular postings on equine forums on the subject which are often inaccurate or ill-informed, and there can be a tendency to blame wormer resistance for the problem. This article aims to describe the lifecycle of the...

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  • Top tips for clipping Image

    Top tips for clipping

    1 October 2015 - By in Pet Care

    As we come into winter, you will probably find that your horse's coat needs clipping. When a horse is worked with a full coat, it gets uncomfortably warm, sweats more and takes longer to dry after exercise. Depending on the breed of horse and the thickness of its coat, you may well need to clip him fairly often! For safe and effective clipping, fol...

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  • Top 5 Tips on Feeding Rabbits and Guinea Pigs Image

    Top 5 Tips on Feeding Rabbits and Guinea Pigs

    6 August 2015 Last updated: 27 May 2020 - By in Small Animals

    No single small animal food can be classed as “complete”. Small animals, often referred to as fibrevores, have a complex digestive system which requires two types of fibre; digestible and indigestible, and to help owners incorporate this fibre into their pet’s daily diet Burgess Pet Care created the Burgess Excel Five Step Feeding...

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  • Hickstead + VioVet + Equitop Myoplast promises to be an excellent combination! Image

    Hickstead showground is a premier, family-run equestrian venue first opened in 1960 by Douglass Bunn. On the 24th - 28th June 2015 the iconic Hickstead Derby Meeting is held. It is one of the most notable showjumping competitions in the world, with famous riders travelling from all over to take part. Horses competing at Hickstead will have had mont...

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  • Riding Hat Rules - Update Image

    Riding Hat Safety With much talk in the press recently about hat safety standards we are here to dispel the myths around the EN1384 standard. EN1384 standard hats ARE still a perfectly safe hat to use and protect you. If you do not compete in any competitions and your hat meets the EN1384 standard you do not need to purchase a new hat with the...

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  • Horse & Rider Magazine Gear Guide Image

    Horse & Rider Magazine Gear Guide

    18 April 2015 Last updated: 23 January 2020 - By in Pet Care

    Horse and Rider Magazine - May 2015 Issue - Gear Guide This month's Horse and Rider Magazine has a Gear Guide, featuring rider clothing. If you've seen the feature and something has caught your eye (or even if you haven't seen it!) read on to see which items we sell at VioVet. You could save £££ plus get it delivered to your door,...

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  • Eventing Live in the Sunshine - Barocca D'alva 2015. Image

    VioVet Supported Rider Catriona Kerruish updates us on her adventures eventing in the sunshine - Barocca D'alva 2015! Well, we made it to Portugal and what an amazing trip it was!!! We set off early Friday morning for our 4 day drive to Portugal. Things didn't quite go to plan on day one, but needless to say with some awesome map reading from super...

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