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  • How To Look After Your Pet This Winter Image

    How To Look After Your Pet This Winter

    9 November 2022 (Last Updated: 9 November 2022) - by in Pet Care

    As the year draws closer to the colder months, your pet may seem less inclined to go outside. Like humans, our pets feel the cold. But with preparation, you can help them, stay happy, warm, and safe while the environment around them changes. There are plenty of ways to do so. Find some tips below and share any tips you have with us to help other pe...

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  • Introducing Mometamax Ultra Image

    Mometamax Ultra is a topical ear treatment product containing the antibiotic ‘gentamicin’, the antifungal ‘posaconazole’ and the steroid ‘mometasone furoate’. It is indicated for the treatment of Otitis Externa or recurrent Otitis. The product has only just received a positive opinion for initial marketing on the...

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  • Weight Matters! Image

    Weight Matters!

    13 October 2022 - by Royal Canin (Guest Author) in Pet Health

    Is my pet a healthy weight? As a responsible pet owner, it is a great idea to regularly speak to your veterinary practice about your pet’s weight to ensure they are maintaining a healthy weight and shape. The good news is that if things aren’t quite on track, it’s never too late to act and have a positive impact on their body cond...

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  • Ringworm: Causes and Treatment Image

    Ringworm: Causes and Treatment

    12 October 2022 (Last Updated: 16 December 2022) - by Audevard Laboratories (Guest Author) in Pet Care

    What is ringworm? Ringworm is a contagious disease caused by a fungus that attacks the hair. It can be transmitted from one species to another, and even to humans. It is hence a zoonosis, i.e. a disease that can be transmitted from animals to humans. The ringworm fungus is also very resistant in the animals’ environment, in soils, furniture a...

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  • How to Body Condition Score your pet Image

    How to Body Condition Score your pet

    12 October 2022 (Last Updated: 1 December 2022) - by in Pet Health

    The best way to tell that your pet is the correct weight is by working out their Body Condition Score (BCS). Every animal will have a slightly different body build, even compared to those of the same breed. The ideal weight will therefore vary and so breed averages are not good guides to follow when trying to calculate this. Fortunately Body Condit...

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  • What Does Your Cat’s Meow Mean? Image

    What Does Your Cat’s Meow Mean?

    27 September 2022 (Last Updated: 6 October 2022) - by Sam Jones (Guest Author) in Cats

    Every cat owner knows that their feline companion will find ways to let them know what they want. Many cats will use physical cues in order to get the attention of a human, such as nudging with the head or batting with a paw. However, some cats do not like being touched and will rely on using their voice. Even the least tactile cat will vocalise in...

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  • Are Doves and Pigeons the Same Thing? Image

    Are Doves and Pigeons the Same Thing?

    21 September 2022 (Last Updated: 6 October 2022) - by Guest Author (Guest Author) in Birds

    When you think of these two birds, the images are very different. The dove is a serene, beautiful white bird, a symbol of love, peace and hope. The pigeon is a reviled bird often thought of as vermin, and its image is generally that of the blue/grey common wild pigeon seen all over the world. The surprising thing to most people however is the close...

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  • Moving House? How To Help Your Dog Settle Into Your New Home Image

    Moving House? How To Help Your Dog Settle Into Your New Home

    5 September 2022 (Last Updated: 6 October 2022) - by Stuart Cooke (Guest Author) in Dogs

    Moving home can be a very exciting time in your life, especially if you’re moving abroad. However, it can also be a big change for you, your family, and your furry friends. Whether you’re hopping the border to the next state or moving to Australia, you want the move to go smoothly for everyone involved. This includes your dog. But as we...

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  • Hypoallergenic Vs Anallergenic Image

    Hypoallergenic Vs Anallergenic

    12 August 2022 (Last Updated: 5 October 2022) - by Erica Moorhouse, Scientific Communications Manage (Guest Author) in Pet Care

    If your vet has discussed using ROYAL CANIN® ANALLERGENIC or ROYAL CANIN® HYPOALLERGENIC diets with you, we’re sorry to hear that your pet is experiencing problems but we’re here to help you understand how these diets may help. They sit within our Veterinary Health Nutrition range and can be used to help diagnose and support pet...

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  • How To Care For Your Cat In Hot Weather: 10 Tips Image

    How To Care For Your Cat In Hot Weather: 10 Tips

    4 August 2022 (Last Updated: 6 October 2022) - by Tuxedo-Cat (Guest Author) in Cats

    Cats are sensitive to the heat and often struggle to keep cool as temperatures rise. Although cats will often seek out shade themselves, there are some simple things you can do to help them including offering fresh water regularly, creating cool spots for them to relax, and even applying pet-friendly suncream to their ears and noses. Below are 10...

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