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  • Everything you need to know about Canicross Image

    Everything you need to know about Canicross

    13 January 2020 (Last Updated: 13 January 2020) - by in Dogs

    Put simply, Canicross is cross-country running, but with humans and dogs. With a harness attaching your dog to your middle, you run together as part of a team. With voice commands given from behind, it is your job to guide your dog in the right direction. Is it suitable for all dogs? As long as your dog is fit, healthy and willing to take part, you...

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  • Help - my pet has vomited/diarrhoea’d everywhere! Image

    Help - my pet has vomited/diarrhoea’d everywhere!

    8 January 2020 (Last Updated: 9 January 2020) - by in Dogs

    If you are a dog or cat owner, especially a dog owner, you will have likely had it happen before. You come down in the morning to a shocking smell and find a puddle of something brown, green or even frothy covering your kitchen floor. You’re not sure exactly which end it came from but it is definitely from your furry housemate, who is now con...

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  • Major change to whip rules at British Showjumping Image

    Major change to whip rules at British Showjumping

    6 January 2020 (Last Updated: 6 January 2020) - by in Horses

    As of the 1st January this year, only one type of whip will now be permitted at British Showjumping. After calls for tightened welfare standards across the sport, it would appear that measures are now being taken to address the use of whips and spurs and penalise incidences where both are used excessively. The new rules address the type, length, ma...

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  • The Most Popular Breeds of 2019 Image

    The Most Popular Breeds of 2019

    9 December 2019 (Last Updated: 10 December 2019) - by in Dogs

    As a nation, we love dogs. Whatever their shape, size, colour or personality, they have been popular since records began and will continue to be loved by all far, far into the future. That said, there are some breeds that we just can’t get enough of, and the Kennel Club keeps track of these popularity trends year on year, based on the number...

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  • Does my cat need a supplement? Image

    Does my cat need a supplement?

    12 November 2019 (Last Updated: 12 November 2019) - by in Cats

    There’s a good chance that you or someone you know takes a daily supplement or multivitamin. But what about our cats? If we’re already feeding them a ‘balanced and complete’ diet, are supplements a necessary addition? In short, they can be! If your cat has a health condition that your vet believes may benefit from additional...

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  • Feel Good With Naturediet Image

    Feel Good With Naturediet

    11 November 2019 (Last Updated: 11 November 2019) - by in Dogs

    “100% natural, made locally, no nasties, no meat-meal, freshly prepared, premium ingredients…”. All phrases that pet owners are familiar with, and all phrases that are common to defining the ever growing number of dog food products on the market. So how do you determine which is best for your dog? Naturediet are proud of our hone...

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  • Our top 10 gift ideas for you & your pets Image

    Our top 10 gift ideas for you & your pets

    7 November 2019 (Last Updated: 7 January 2020) - by in Dogs

    Christmas is just around the corner so it's approaching that busy time when we go online and start thinking about our Christmas gifts! To keep it simple, we've done a round-up of our top Christmas gift ideas for you and your pets, from festive feasts to enjoy on the day, to novelty treats and clothing. Of course, this isn't everything we sell for C...

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  • The Truth About Mud Fever Image

    The Truth About Mud Fever

    6 November 2019 - by in Horses

    What is Mud Fever? Mud Fever is a bacterial skin infection which affects the lower legs and feet of horses. The condition is characterised by redness and swelling, painful sores or scabs, as well as hair loss and discharge in many cases. If not treated early, infection can progress further up the leg. Causes Persistently wet and muddy conditions su...

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  • Halloween Pet Safety Tips Image

    Halloween Pet Safety Tips

    22 October 2019 - by in Dogs

    Halloween is a fun-filled time for the whole family, but when it comes to our pets, the celebrations can be scary and intense, making many uncomfortable and stressed. You might not think it, but Halloween brings a whole host of potential dangers. From sweets and treats, to candles, costumes and visitors, our four-legged friends can find things very...

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  • Winter coat care for cats Image

    Winter coat care for cats

    21 October 2019 - by in Cats

    As we move towards winter, you may notice your outdoor cat looking a bit more bedraggled than usual when they return from their daily adventures. As the weather deteriorates and they’re subjected to wind, rain, muddy conditions and even snow, their skin and coats are likely to need a little extra TLC. Likewise, for indoor-only cats, changing...

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