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Brazilian Shorthair

Brazilian Shorthair

The Brazilian Shorthair originates from...

There is much speculation surrounding the early development of the Brazilian Shorthair. Some believe it originated in 1500 AD when Europeans brought their cats overseas to Brazil – these cats then bred with local cats, thus resulting in a species aligning with the modern breed. The Brazilian Shorthair was probably not developed until much later, when Brazilian Cat Federation officials decided to create a cat that was native to the country. By analysing feral cats on the streets of Brazil, officials at the Cat Federation realised a common likeness which they decided to preserve. This led to the evolution of the purebred Brazilian Shorthair.

The Brazilian Shorthair is characterised by...

The breed has a strong but agile physical build, and is a cat of medium size. The Brazilian Shorthair is characterised by long legs, rounded ears that are medium in size, almond-shaped eyes, a slightly tapering tail and a glossy, close-fitting coat. The single coat is permissible in a variety of colours and the eye colour will correspond with the coat. The Brazilian Shorthair is only a moderate shedder, requiring little in the way of grooming and making a suitable breed choice for the house-proud. It is also a suitable breed for allergy sufferers due to its moderate-shedding coat.

The average Brazilian Shorthair...

Owners, breeders and enthusiasts have described the breed as gentle, affectionate and highly sociable, wanting to be involved in all activity around the home. They are also very compatible with children and other house pets and make very loving companions. Whilst the Brazilian Shorthair is an elegant breed, it is a keen and agile hunter and will benefit from both indoor and outdoor living. Due to their intelligent and curious nature, mental enrichment is just as important as physical, so scratching posts, interactive games and a nutritionally balanced diet are essential components in this cat’s care. On average, a healthy Brazilian Shorthair will weigh 8-12 pounds, with a life expectancy of 12-15 years. It is not uncommon for this breed to outlive its average expectancy.

Because no breed is without its weakness...

The Brazilian Shorthair is generally a healthy, resilient and long-lived breed, although due to its relative rarity, any breed-specific or genetic health conditions are difficult to determine.

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