Fjord Horse

Fjord Horse

Believed to be one of the oldest equines in existence, the Fjord horse has a history dating back 4,000 years. Some say the Fjord descends from the endangered Przewalski’s horse which is similar in colouring and conformation.

The Fjord’s ancient past is supported by archaeological findings at Viking burial grounds in western Norway, which indicate these horses were living two millennia ago. It is likely these light draught animals were once used to transport heavy supplies during the Viking explorations and as strong, dependable steeds during the conquests.

Today, the duties of the Fjord horse are much more relaxed and the equine can be found working the farm in native Norway or as an everyday riding horse.

The Fjord of modern times is uniformly dun in colour, with a below average height, strong legs, a well balanced structure, and a distinctive dorsal-stripe mane coloured black and white. Because the Fjord has existed in relative isolation over the centuries it has been able to remain pure, with out-crossings being greatly restricted.

Did you know..?

In its homeland, the Fjord horse is known simply as the ‘Fjording’ and has come to represent the country’s historic pride. The Fjord is described as “beloved by the gods” in Norse mythology, which holds the breed in very high regard.

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