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Mekong bobtail

Mekong bobtail

The Mekong Bobtail originates from...

Believed by some to be descended from shorthaired Siamese, the Mekong Bobtail derives its name from the Mekong River in Thailand, its supposed place of origin. It is commonly thought that this cat was used to guard the treasury and palace against vandals and thieves, while accompanying female figures of royalty on their walks of the grounds. The Mekong Bobtail also has a connection with Russia, where it is thought the cat was first recognised as a distinct breed. Considered a royal cat, the Mekong Bobtail was often gifted to visiting diplomats and nobles during the 19th century, including Nicholas II, Tsar of Russia.

The Mekong Bobtail is characterised by...

Comparable to the Siamese in composition and appearance, the Mekong Bobtail possesses a slender and athletic body structure, with long legs, medium-size ears and blue ovular eyes. The hind legs are generally a bit longer than the front legs, which give a hunched over impression. The coat is close-lying and easy to maintain, and only sheds a little bit. The basic principle for coat patterning is that all colours are permissible, including all pointing without white.

The average Mekong Bobtail...

As with the Siamese, the Mekong Bobtail is generally a highly inquisitive and intelligent breed that doesn’t miss a trick! Its amiable and easy temperament makes it a great companion cat, while its playful, spirited and humorous streak is a guaranteed pleaser. If you are looking for a quiet, docile cat, the Mekong Bobtail is probably not the best cat for you. Communicating loudly when it wants your attention and full of energy and life, the Mekong needs plenty of company and a variety of interactive toys and playthings in order to remain happy and stimulated at home. Typically, an adult Mekong Bobtail will weigh 8-10 pounds, with a life expectancy of 15-18 years.

Because no breed is without its weakness...

Although the Mekong Bobtail is believed to be a cat of good health and resilience, there is evidence to suggest that all breeds deriving from the Siamese are prone to higher rates of mortality than other feline breeds. Common health complaints identified in these Siamese descendents include gastrointestinal conditions, neoplasms and mammary tumours, as well as several eye disorders.

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