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The Ragamuffin originates from...

Very little is known about the early development of the Ragamuffin breed, although it is believed to have made its first appearance in 1960s California. The breed was originally named the ‘Ragdoll,’ a name which was changed so as to reflect the many out-crossings that had occurred in the breed’s development. These out-crosses are likely to have been Turkish Angoras, Birmans and Persians, as well as other longhaired breeds. Besides this, precious little is known about the history of the breed, except that it was officially recognised by the American Cat Fanciers Association in 1994 and by the Cat Fanciers Association in 2003.

The Ragamuffin is characterised by...

The Ragamuffin is a breed of stocky build, with muscular legs and a strong, rectangular body. The head is typically wedge-shaped and the ears are triangular and wide-spaced. The Ragamuffin’s coat is plush, soft to the touch and is easy to maintain with regular grooming. Around the neck and the face, hair is typically longer, giving the impression of a bushy collar. As hair moves from the head of the cat to the rear it gets longer, and the plumed tail blends with the rest of the coat. All colour variations and patternings are permissible in the breed, although white/cream is most commonly seen. It is not unusual for a Ragamuffin to take 4 years to reach maturity.

The average Ragamuffin...

The Ragamuffin is described by breeders, owners and enthusiasts as a delightful breed with a relaxed and amiable temperament. It is held in high esteem in the feline world and thought of fondly by those lucky enough to own one. With a calm, gentle and loving nature, the Ragamuffin is well suited to indoor-living, providing a variety of interactive toys and playthings are made available to it. Compatible with young children and other house pets when introduced to them gradually, the Ragamuffin will make a wonderful addition to any household that is willing to return its love and loyalty. A typical Ragamuffin will go to great lengths to ensure it is included in family activities, and will not appreciate being left alone for long periods of time. On average, a healthy adult Ragamuffin will weigh 10-20 pounds depending on gender, with a rough life expectancy of 15-20 years.


Due to the relative rarity of the Ragamuffin, it is difficult to determine any breed-specific health conditions. Polycystic kidney disease, as well as hypertrophic cardiomyopathy are documented in the breed, but not with any great prevalence. It is generally thought that the Ragamuffin is not susceptible to any genetic complaints and is typically healthy, resilient and long-lived.

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Added on 18/03/2017
Joined 18/03/2017
From Cheshire, United Kingdom

Absolutely the most gentle and intelligent cats. Very loving and attention seeking, but you can't help falling in love with them.

Added on 02/05/2017
Joined 01/05/2017
From Essex, United Kingdom

The RagaMuffin is a very affectionate and playful cat. They love to be involved in everything you do and are really intelligent. Compared to their Ragdoll cousins they are far less lazy and laid back and are more "in your face" but in the nicest way possible. They are rascals but are so much fun.

Added on 20/01/2018
Joined 22/10/2017
From Cambridgeshire, United Kingdom

Merlin is not a full Ragdoll, he is cross breed with a dome stick short hair.
He is very much like a pure Ragdoll.
I have never known a cat to be so laid back and lazy. But he is also extremly lovable and very much like a dog.
Extremly lovable lap cat, loves cuddles, affection and massages. Follows me all around the house and garden and even into the bathroom. Greets me when I get in from work.
He never wonders passed the garden and stays within close proximity.
When the other 2 cats argue he will just stand and watch. He is a lover not a fighter. When one of he cats tried start g on him he just flopped to the floor and couldn't be asked. He would rather have his tummy rubbed or his fur groomed. He lives to be brushed.
He does like his food and I think would eat all day given the opportunity. Purrrfect family pet. He is also amasing around the grandchildren.

Added on 21/08/2018
Joined 10/08/2009
From devon, United Kingdom

Pip is a blue bi 18 yrs this year a quiet cat likes her own space and loves treats and grooming,she's our baby 😋😍

Added on 19/12/2019
Joined 19/05/2017
From Tyne and Wear, United Kingdom

Luca is half ragdoll, he's the most loyal loving cat iv had the pleasure of being owned by. He's the Boss in our house giving his approval or disapproval on everything and everyone that comes into his home. He's more dog then cat as he was brought up by my dog Bonnie. When I arrive home he runs to greet me then stays at my side all night. When my grandsons visit he follows them making sure there not touching his toys haha. I definitely recommend ragdolls as part of the family, there's not a day luca doesn't have me laughing at his funny antics

Added on 11/06/2020
Joined 11/06/2020
From Lancashire, United Kingdom

My ragdoll Nina is unlike any cat I've ever owned she is very very affectionate and acts more like a human than a cat! Shes very vocal and likes to chat to you ❤️ 🥰 things to consider before getting a ragdoll would be that we need to brush her daily as her hair gets mats in that we have to cut out! And she sheds hair everywhere 😆 but we dont mind ❤️ also Nina has a sensitive stomach (which I think is common in this breed) and needs special food otherwise we get serious poopy problems 🤦🏻‍♀️

Added on 23/12/2020
Joined 23/12/2020
From Bedfordshire, United Kingdom

I own 2 ragdoll brothers theyre hair is everywhere it falls alot but they are the most affectionate loving lazy cats one is fussy the other eats anything but I would highly recommend them to anyone