Emerging in Freiberg, Switzerland, at some point during the Middle Ages, the Freiberger combines Thoroughbred, Arabian, Anglo-Norman and Bernese Juna Horse blood in its genetic make-up. Today, the Freiberger is the last remaining example of a light draught horse in Europe.

Standing at an average height of 14.5-15.5 hands, the Freiberger boasts good conformation and ability and is a popular contender in the show ring.

The breed’s versatility makes it a suitable pleasure mount, farm horse and military equine. Traditionally, the Freiberger was widely utilised by the Swiss army, as well as in transportation and agriculture. The inclusion of Warmblood horses in the late 1800's gave the modern Freiberger its scope, spirit and speed.

Today, the Freiberger remains a popular mount due to its athleticism, eagerness to please, sure-footedness and strength. The two most common colours observed in the breed are chestnut and bay and two respective types are bred - a lighter horse better suited to leisure riding, and a more muscular horse suited to draught work.

Did you know..?

The Freiberger is Switzerland’s official horse.