Bichon Frise

Bichon Frise

The Bichon Frise originates from...

Believed to date back to the 13th century, the origin is subject to debate, with general opinion placing it in the Mediterranean. Picture evidence of the time features small, white dogs that align strongly with our modern perception of the Bichon Frise. Originally traded by Spanish sailors, the breed became a favourite among royalty and the French aristocracy but lost favour during the French Revolution, subsequently becoming associated with lower street performers, musicians, and organ grinders.

The Bichon Frise is characterised by...

Part of the 'toy' branch of canines, it is a compact dog characterised by a fluffy coat in colour variations of cream, solid white, apricot, or grey, a proportioned body and limbs, a short muzzle, and dark eyes. The tail and ears of the breed are not traditionally docked or reduced but left to a natural appearance. Typically manageable in terms of its hypoallergenic coat and temperament, the Bichon Frise is progressively popular as a companion pet and is the ideal breed choice for modern families or the sole owner. Despite not being a loud or incessant barker, it is vigilant to change and threat, making it a great watchdog.

The average Bichon Frise...

Though small in size, it is a highly energetic and intelligent breed, compatible with children and other family pets if introduced to them gradually. The weight is roughly 3-5 kg, with an average life expectancy of 15 years, although it is not uncommon for the breed to reach 20 years or more. Typically happy and affectionate, this breed is a great lover of people, something it demonstrates through its loyal, obedient, and friendly manner.


Common breed-specific ailments include optical disorders such as cataracts and watery eyes, epilepsy which can be easily managed with medication, knee dislocation, and flea bite sensitivity. Due to its small size, the Bichon Frise gains weight easily so feeding human foods is not encouraged for this reason. Behavioural problems are also often associated with the 'toy' branch of canines.

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Added on 13/05/2014
Joined 13/05/2014
From Aberdeenshire, United Kingdom

Owning a Bichon is pretty much the best thing ever. They are the cheeriest dogs I have ever known. They are pretty strong willed, but on the whole very eager to please. With a happy smile present all of the time, and a jolly presence in the house, they are wonderful pets. Also, contrary to maybe the popular belief, they are not just little lap dogs which don't like rough and tumble. My dog Brian is at the beach every day, bouncing about in the shallow waves, and takes home half the beach each day. He goes out on the boat sea fishing with us (with a life jacket) and loves to walk up the hills with us.
Grooming is done by me, and although time consuming is worth the savings. I keep Brian short trimmed (as he gets wet at the beach each day), and a jacket in the winter is all he needs to keep warm.
Allergies can be present in the breed, and my pooch is extremely allergic to dust mites - meaning a clean house must be kept by me, and the occasional wear of a collar when allergies flare up. Also, a quality WET food or RAW diet must be fed, as storage mites present in dry food and dry treats will set his itches off something awful.
House training can be a job too. He became house trained in about 4 months (longer than most breeds) but kept marking in the house. This stopped overnight when he was neutered at 1 year old. Stopped like a light switch which was a great relief!
All in all, I am crazy about Bichons and would recommend to anyone who has someone in the household staying at home (not a dog to leave alone regularly), and has the time to give to grooming and regular walks. You have to allow that Bichon excitement to be released. A truly wonderful pet who will make you smile every time you look at them. Everyone Brian meets falls in love with him, I swear! A dream dog!

Added on 04/08/2014
Joined 10/01/2014
From Greater Manchester, United Kingdom

I have a x bichon frise/jack russel who is 11 months old. She is a mischievous energetic dog who loves playing with our german shepherd Woody.

Added on 06/01/2015
Joined 05/01/2015
From Greater Manchester, United Kingdom

we have got an amazing bichon frise she is a pleasure to own, she was given to us from a woman who had kept her in a cage for 8 months ever since she got her as a puppy as she never had time to walk her and she wouldn't fit in her handbag, some people just don't know the real meaning of owning a dog.

Added on 28/02/2016
Joined 28/01/2016
From Kent, United Kingdom

Our bichon Frise - Alfie also likes being on the sands but doesn't like the water. He is so friendly with other people and dogs and justs want to play all the time. Such a good companion and enjoys being curled up on the settee with me in the evening!

Added on 28/02/2016
Joined 28/01/2016
From Kent, United Kingdom

Alfie also loves the sands but doesn't like the sea. He just is so playful with other dogs and loves being with my grandchildren. Loves curling up next to me on the settee. Yes - his coat can get knotty which you have to take care of but I get it cut regulary and just groom him in between cuts and cut out any knots that I find. Wouldnt be without him!!

Added on 02/02/2017
Joined 02/02/2017
From United Kingdom

Bichon frise, they are adorable!
He follows me everywhere, I mean, even to the toilet!
Beau is quite yapy and stubborn, hates being left alone!
They are bright dogs, obey when they want to be....
My beau won't play with other dogs, but will play with cats lol....
He is really naughty some times, loves getting the bins out. If we left him, he would go into my daughters room and tip the hamster cage upside down, I'd come home to the hamster missing and sawdust everywhere. They are really good with children, I love their ways and would not change him for the world! Xxxx

Added on 10/07/2017
Joined 02/10/2015
From Warwickshire, United Kingdom

We've had Casper almost 10 years and he is a lovely little boy with lots to give! He is very loyal and loves being part of our familt! He is naughty as he climbs onto the dining table if we leave him at home, he licks dirty undies if the kids drop them on the floor, and he steals anything edible if he can reach! He loves raw carrots apple and cucumber, and loves going out everywhere. His funny moments are when he has his Bichon Blitz! Brilliant little dogs if a little needy and in your face a bit!

Added on 25/10/2017
Joined 25/10/2017
From Lancashire, United Kingdom

i have owned a Bichon Frise now for 8 years he is a delight to have specially with the children and grandchildren, i was reccomended purchasing a Bichon as my Son suffers with asthma and has allergies , and as they dont malt or lose there fur only when i send him to the groomer lol.he is ideal to be around i have just studded him for the 4th and final time obviously with another Bichon Frise as i am not into mix breeding.He is a fully KC Registered Dog his KC name is Major Tom.iHe is well trained he knows his place in the home.Bichon Frise are a pleasure to own and can be taught very easily.He can sit,Beg,Roll Over, Dance, Spin.Shake paws.give me 5 sings lol and brings the post.They love plenty of excercise and always happy.only thing i that bothers me is if left alone for more than a few hours he gets a little anxious and tends to pee or at times poo in the house.but he only has control with certain rooms around the home so im not that bothered but he does get a telling of .

Added on 11/04/2018

I am a Professional Dog Groomer, and have lots of Bichons come into me. It is so important that these dogs are kept at a length that is manageable for the owners. They need regular grooming, otherwise they will Matt very easily. We see lots of matted bichons coming in, that then need shaved off. We also have lots that come in every 4-6 weeks to keep their coats in good order. Some even done in every 2 weeks for a wash and blow dry in between grooms. If you are thinking of getting a Bichon, please take into consideration their coat, and grooming needs. Really beautiful wee dogs tho, with lots of personality 🐶❤️Xx

Added on 17/06/2018
Joined 22/01/2015
From Sir Ceredigion, United Kingdom

We first got Mojo and Floss his sister when they turned 8 weeks of age. We had heard they may be euthanized as they weren't up to breeding standards. Mojo had splayed ribs and would live no longer than 2 years of age and floss had a blind eye. They were tiny adorable balls of fluff. 4 years on we are still enjoying our beautiful affectionate companions.

The coat gives us a bit of trouble. We live on a farm and have our farm dogs and the two bichons often go out helping to round up the sheep. Obviously have an identity crisis thinking they are collies. They love rolling in the dirt and the fields and often come home filthy but happy.

Both have such different t personalities. My grandson who is 5 years old is autistic and Mojo has really helped him with his development. He trusts Mojo and they have a special, unique bond. It'd as if Mojo knows Eli is different and needs extra attention. He is so excited when Eli visits and they both share Eli's blankie, they sleep in a den together and are almost inseparable. Mojo is so gentle and a real character, almost as if life is just too much hard work. Floss on the other hand loves the men, flirts around them wanting cuddles and wanting to snuggle on their laps. She is very intelligent and loves performing for her treats. She is the more adventurous one, scared of nothing.

These dogs have brought a lot of enjoyment into our lives and they love unconditionally. Would not be without them.

Added on 23/09/2018
Joined 22/09/2018
From West Midlands, United Kingdom

I have owned Alfie now for 5years had him from a puppy he is such a lovely natured dog everybody loves him he is so playful and very bright never a dull day in our home with Alfie he has to come everywhere with us we call him the gaffer as he always gets his own way spoilt little man 😂

Added on 14/08/2019
Joined 24/08/2018
From Worcestershire, United Kingdom

Bobby is a rescue. Approx age 3yrs, he joined us and my Lakeland Holly November 2018. He is charming, affable & kind to Holly who is 16yrs old. Her tail hasn't stopped wagging since we had him! So easy to train, good off the lead, comes running back to me with a big smile on his face when I call him, That's a first for me, so freeing. He is loyal, loved & loving.

Added on 17/05/2020
Joined 12/02/2016
From Durham, United Kingdom

Alfie is 7 years old has a lovely Nature Loves to play with children , he is very stubborn he will only go where he wants to Go for walks , likes to lie looking out of the window watching to world go by Until he see a cat (absolutely hates cats,) Alfie has a lot of allergies which causes him quite a lot of discomfort but he is still a happy little dog ,