The Siamese originates from...

Perhaps the most widely recognised cat on the planet; the Siamese is a breed of true antiquity. Records and manuscripts suggest the Siamese emerged in the 14th century in the royal courts of Siam (what is now Thailand). These cats were presented as gifts to nobles and visiting dignitaries, meaning their prevalence outside native Siam increased. The Siamese made its way to the United States at the end of the 1800s and rose to immediate popularity, appearing in a number of Disney films including ‘Lady and the Tramp’ and ‘The Aristocats.’ The Cat Fanciers Association ranks the Siamese fifth in popularity in the western hemisphere, being the cat breed of choice of many politicians and celebrity figures.

The Siamese is characterised by...

The Siamese is very distinctive in appearance and structure, with a slender body, long, nimble legs and a small, wedge-shaped head. The ears are typically large and round-tipped, the nose is long, the tail is narrow and the eyes are bold and slightly oblique. The eyes are always light-blue in purebred cats. Besides this, the Siamese boasts a fine, close-fitting coat that is soft to the touch and easy to maintain with regular grooming. Colour pointing is observed in the breed on the face, ears and toes, and the Cat Fanciers Association recognises four types, including seal black, blue, lilac and chocolate. The original Siamese had a kink in its tail, something that is now considered a breed flaw, and street cats from Thailand are still found with the trait. Compared with other cat breeds, the Siamese has poor night vision, meaning it becomes more docile at night.

The average Siamese...

A highly social breed that forms strong attachments to its people, the Siamese is well suited to domestic living, being compatible with children and other house pets. Described by many as affectionate, playful and intelligent, the Siamese thrives when it has a variety of interactive toys and playthings in the home, as well as enjoying plenty of human companionship. The breed is in possession of a loud, deep voice that it communicates with when it wants your attention. If you are looking for a charming, people-orientated cat with an extrovert personality, the Siamese is for you! On average, a healthy Siamese will weigh in the region of 8-12 pounds depending on gender, with a typical life expectancy of 15-20 years.


There are some that claim the Siamese is more susceptible to illness than other breeds, while others claim the Siamese is a long-lived cat that is full of vigour. Health conditions that are documented in the breed include mammary tumours and neoplasms, gastrointestinal problems, as well as various optical complaints. Progressive retinal atrophy is prevalent in the Siamese, as is cross-eye. Siamese cats are also more prone to weight gain.

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Added on 26/08/2014

Phoebe has been part of the family for 12 years and she is so loveable, purring wanting attention all the time and talking to you when you don't give it to her! She doesn't like you reading the paper, using the laptop, fact anything that doesn't involve her being at the centre of attention she doesn't like! She loves her food but I have to be careful not to over feed her and loves having lots of cuddles. Highly intelligent, I've bought a number of puzzle toys which I use to feed her as it slows her down and means she has to work for it! Phoebe has a great personality and everyone who meets her instantly falls in love with her- they have no choice!

Added on 23/07/2015
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From Cheshire, United Kingdom

Mai Ying has been with me now for almost 8 years and is the best decision i ever made, she is my baby girl in every way, i would not have thought it possible for a cat to bond in the way that she has had i not experienced this first hand. extremely intelligent and talkative. you only have to make eye contact and it generates the loudest purr ever. she is a happy contented house cat, she is scared to death of the outside so i can happily leave the door open knowing she has no interest in venturing outside. she is my little fighter - after being diagnosed almost 2 years ago with a tumour in her heart/lungs she is now in remission, though the chemo and other drugs has damaged her kidneys so she needs a special diet now, she still battles on and you would never know she was ill. she even accepts the daily tablet routine with no fuss at all, if im late with them she comes looking for me to remind me.
i would recommend any cat lover to own a Siamese, they are so much more than just a cat.

Added on 03/11/2017

they are our babys they are 20 months old , and they are sisters and they look after each other , they lie together clean each other just like there mother did to them . they chase one another round and its so funny but they are very close to each other ,when they go to the vets they go together .very beautiful girls .

Added on 20/04/2020
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From Jeollabuk-do, Korea, Republic of

poko, who has been with me for 10 years, is a cute and charming cat, although her sitting posture is sometimes fuuny!