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The Nebelung originates from...

The history of this breed, believed to mean ‘creature of the mist’ in German, is uncertain. It is thought that the Nebelung was first developed by Cora Cobb of Nebelheim Cattery in 1984 when a blue, long-haired kitten was born in a litter produced by a black domestic and a black longhair. Cobb was so taken by the appearance and temperament of this feline rarity that she began a selective breeding program to try and preserve the cat’s unique characteristics. The breed standard for this cat is set by the International Cat Association, which was the first to recognise the Nebelung as an independent breed.

The Nebelung is characterised by...

Almost identical to the Russian Blue in everything but coat length, the Nebelung is characterised by a long body, slender legs, wide-spaced ears that are round-tipped, slightly oblique green eyes, and a plush coat coloured blue-grey. The Nebelung is both distinctive and rare, but is highly sought as a domestic cat for its handsome appearance and amiable temperament. Tufts are observed between the Nebelung’s toes and behind the ears, and thicker fur is found around the neck. A cat with keen hunting instincts and capable of climbing to great heights, the Nebelung is both sturdy and agile and reflects its wild ancestors.

The average Nebelung...

Owners, breeders and enthusiasts describe the Nebelung as a lively and humorous cat that is full of life and character. Although the Nebelung is highly active, it can adapt well to being housed exclusively indoors which is something most owners will favour because of the breed’s rarity. Sometimes described as possessing more canine rather than feline qualities, the Nebelung is an affectionate and gentle cat with a huge capacity for love and loyalty. It is often the case that a Nebelung will bond well with its immediate family, whilst remaining indifferent towards strangers. A healthy Nebelung will weigh in the region of 8-15 pounds depending on its gender, with a life expectancy of 15 years or more.

Because no breed is without its weakness...

The Nebelung is a very healthy and resilient breed with a long life expectancy. No genetic or breed-specific health conditions are documented in the breed, although cases of bladder stones are seen.

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Our Nebelung owners' thoughts

20140418 01:25 pm
Midlothian, United Kingdom

Big. Fluffy. Very talkative. Not a lap cat but likes a snuggle on the bed. Snores. Has a purr like a vintage sports car. Terrified of strangers.


My Nebelung is a sweet-heart. She is friendly, affectionate, and loves being petted. She's not a lap cat, and isn't always fond of being brushed. She loves being outside to run, climb trees, hide in bushes, and pounce. She's a skilled hunter despite her petite build and size. She isn't very vocal until she has something important to say. When she had a litter, she would chirrup to communicate with her kittens. She rarely meows like other cat breeds. She's intelligent and clever. Her long blue- grey coat is shiny and beautiful. Underneath her coat is a fluffy downy under coat that is extremely soft. She has jade green eyes that capture your attention when she is watching you.