Recognising the need for a lighter war horse with greater speed and endurance, in 1731 King Friedrich Wilhelm I of Prussia founded a state stud in the town of Trakehnen from where he intended to produce a new breed that met his requirements. With a history spanning centuries, the Trakehner is thought to be the oldest Warmblood breed in existence today.

In order to create his horse, King Friedrich combined the qualities of the Thoroughbred, Shagya and Anglo-Arabian horses. Because of the modern Trakehner’s versatility and sure-footing, it has been widely used as a ‘refiner’ horse to strengthen and improve the bloodlines of other popular breeds.

Traditionally used as a cavalry mount and leisure riding horse, the Trakehner has encountered success in all competition circuits from showing to racing, with various horses winning at steeplechase and in Olympic eventing. The light build of the Trakehner makes it well suited to sporting capacities and places it ahead of other Warmbloods in the field.

Typically 16 hands with a well-balanced, conformed body, a strong head and a thick mane and tail, the Trakehner is an athletic and spirited horse with a dependable nature and a colourful history that is testimony to the enduring popularity of the breed.

Did you know..?

As legend goes, following the Russian invasion of East Prussia in 1945, approximately 1,200 Trakehner horses were forced towards West Germany. It took 3 months for them to make this journey with many horses perishing along the way. This story is one of many that credit the Trakehner with its unrivalled stamina and spirit.

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Added on 24/09/2015
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From Cornwall, United Kingdom

Dan, my Trakehner has the most affectionate temperament. He is extremely nosey and you can't leave anything within his reach! I had to laugh when i read that they were war horses, as he is not very brave and would probably run the other way! However, i would'nt swap him for anything as he is a loyal friend.
We have had some success at Dressage but he can be quite "spooky" which is very frustrating as he does have nice paces. Someone once referred to them as "Emotional" and i think that sums Dan up quite nicely!

Added on 15/11/2019
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From Essex, United Kingdom

I rescued my girl 18mths ago as she was going to be shot. She was 27 now 28. The most loveable affectionate mare ever. Likes food and belly rubs. Lifts her leg up like a dog and dribbles. Beautiful to ride as ex dressage and eventer

Added on 26/10/2021
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From Conwy, United Kingdom

I have had my trakehner from being 6 months old, she is coming up for 2 now. I have had part breds in the past. They are a sensitive breed, however once you earn their trust there is no relationship quite like it. She is my soul mate, the trust they put into their human is unmeasurable!! Love her to bits!!