French Trotter

French Trotter

With the advent of harness racing in the 1800’s, the desire for a horse that was strong and sure-footed increased and breeders began investing their efforts in a French trotting horse.

To achieve a horse with conformation and ability, various horses were included in the breeding program. Thoroughbreds and Norfolk Trotters played the most central role in the breed’s early development and helped shape a horse that was functional, aesthetically pleasing and with a friendly disposition that allowed for easy handling.

Sometimes referred to as the ‘Norman Trotter’ after Normandy, its place of origin, the breed is popular throughout the world today as a racing and leisure horse. The horse has evolved with a level stride and a well-balanced structure that allows for harness racing and eventing.

Generally speaking, the French Trotter is characterised by a finely-tuned physique, a deep chest and well conformed legs. The breed boasts an average height of 15-16 hands and is common in colours of bay, chestnut and brown.

Did you know..?

It is said that the trotting speed at which a French Trotter can exceed is equal to that of a Thoroughbred racehorse running flat out.

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Added on 11/08/2017

Trainable and sweet. I got my boy when I was 14 and he was rising 4, my sister who is 14 years younger than me handles and rides him. We've competed in showjumping, dressage, cross country, hunter trials, team chases and Le trec. He also stick and balls for polo and has started pleasure driving! There's nothing he can't do!