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Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel originates from...

Descending from the King Charles Spaniel, the Cavalier breed can be traced back to the royal courts of England and Europe from the 15th-19th centuries. A favourite amongst the European nobility in the 1600s, the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is the result of crossing between the King Charles Spaniel and the Pug, being officially recognised as an independent breed by the Kennel Club in 1944. Highly valued amongst the Scottish Stuarts and rumoured to have accompanied Mary Queen of Scots to her execution, the Cavalier has established a reputation as a loyal and affectionate companion dog. Falling within the 'toy' breed group, the Cavalier shares its classification with many of the smaller canine breeds, and was almost destroyed with the onset of WWII when breeding stock diminished.

The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is characterised by...

Combining the traits of its crossed forebears, the Cavalier boasts a distinctive appearance with a small, compact frame, a rounded head, a short, flat muzzle, protruding eyes and an upturned face. The body is pleasantly proportioned and the Cavalier coat is silky and medium in length, common in colour variations of tricolour, black and tan, ruby, and red and white (Blenheim). Feathering is usually found through adulthood on the tail, legs, ears and feet, with feathering on the feet being a desired trait by breeders.

The average Cavalier King Charles Spaniel...

The sixth most popular dog in the United Kingdom in 2007, the Cavalier has gained global favour over recent decades, as an eager and mannered house pet and devoted companion dog. Gentle and obedient, the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is well suited to the domestic setting, highly compatible with children and other animals; in order to get the best from your Cavalier, firm but fair leadership, consistent training and early socialisation is encouraged. On average, a healthy Cavalier will weigh 5-8 kg, with a life expectancy of 12-14 years when shown the appropriate care.

Because no breed is without its weakness...

As with most breeds, the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is susceptible to various eye disorders, hip and elbow dysplasia, patellar luxation, allergies and ear complaints resulting from hair growing inside the ear canal. More serious complaints identified in the breed include cardiac and neurological disorders, which can sometimes lead to heart failure and paralysis. Due to its reduced size, the Cavalier may experience behavioural problems so training from puppyhood is essential.


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Our Cavalier King Charles Spaniel owners' thoughts

20140407 05:04 pm
Hertfordshire, United Kingdom

All these Cav's are BEAUTIFUL. Thank you for sharing your lovely pics

20140225 10:13 pm
Staffordshire, United Kingdom

my wonderful toby and bella , they are ex breeding dogs , which are scared of the out side world , bella is a very very scared lady but we seem to be getting there, we have had her 2 years and toby 5 years , my little boy toby has just been the vets and they have found a mass by his trachea , i know they can not operate i am just buying him a flectabed which should keep him warm .

20151007 05:16 pm
Flintshire, United Kingdom

I have Katie the black and tan Cavalier and also Izzie the Blenhiem Cavalier they are the most loveable dogs you could ever own, I have had Katie for 3 years and Izzie for 2 years they both came from Many Tears Rescue as ex breeding dogs, both very quiet and because of their past, not sure of the outside world, Katie will go for a walk on the lead but Izzie gets quite hysterical so I don't walk her she just enjoys running around the garden.

20130714 10:41 pm
Highland, United Kingdom

I recently lost one of my Cavvies to Congestive Heart Failure, and although I still have two, Honey's loss is very painful (although expected). I have now lost 3 Cavvies to heart problems, but that has not put me off the breed, I am in the process of rehoming my 6th Cavvie. Cavvies are the most wonderfully loving, loyal and gentle little dogs I have ever come across.

20120606 09:50 pm
Hampshire, United Kingdom

cavs are amazing pets, Charlie suffered from laxating patellas which he had successful surgery for. He is the most quiet & loving dog we have ever owned.

20120606 09:50 pm
Hampshire, United Kingdom

Teddy was rescued from a welsh puppy farm aged 7/8 weeks, he was in a terrible state when we got him, underweight, eating adult kibble, dehydrated and he smelt awful.
His early weeks were spent in a cold, dark shed with 20 other dogs & puppies.
With lots of love & tlc he is now an amazing, loving boy. He does as a result of his start in life suffer with food aggression, but this is improving with time, he is easily scared. Despite everything he loves human company and is my little shadow.

20140519 12:48 pm
Nottinghamshire, United Kingdom

i have a Bleinheim archie very laid back dog.hes from halfway home at collingham who rescued him from a puppy farm at age of about 6.he has a heart murmur.i lost a tricolour a year ago to heart failure .diagnosed at 8 that he had a year to live.had him ftom age of one and miss other dogs are crosses.have had 4 cavis in the past with heart conditions too.they are such a lovable dog.

20151007 05:16 pm
Flintshire, United Kingdom

Last April I had to say goodbye to 'my matie' Katie my very beautiful Black and Tan Cavalier King Charles you couldn't wish for a more loveable easy going animal. However, being left on her own my other Cavalier Izzie was showing signs of missing Katie, Izzie had started chewing one of her paws and the vet couldn't see any reason for it, but I guessed what it was and contacted Many Tears Rescue in South Wales in August and arranged to adopt Bonnie the Tri Colour Cavalier in September and hey presto Izzie stopped nibbling her paw and they have bonded so well, they eat, drink and sleep together.

20170729 03:34 pm
Cornwall, United Kingdom

The best dog in the world


We have recently had to say night, night to our beautiful little girl, Daisy, We are so so sad as is her best friend, Alfie2, also a Cavalier. She is the second we have lost this year as Alfie1 died in May. The breed is adorable, so much so we have had 6 in our lives and are now looking for another


Teddy age 5

20180326 10:48 pm
HANTS, United Kingdom

Fabulous breed - loving good companions - quite happy to be lazy if you let them - mostly laid back and amiable. We have Benji (Ruby) Charlie (Tri) and KC (Blenheim) - our first was a Blenheim called Molly no longer with us but never forgotten - all have beautiful personalities of their own - all are rescues and we wouldn't be without them.

20180921 02:46 pm
Greater Manchester, United Kingdom

Hollie Charles (3) is our 3rd CKC she is a tri colour quite small compared to our previous and sadly no longer with us Oliver Charles (11) and Cleo Charles (8) who were Blenheims they were average in size. CKC are all wonderful fur babies who make absolutely wonderful companions they are friendly, loyal, and have the most wonderful temperaments..


20180719 01:38 pm
Hampshire, United Kingdom

We have owned Cavaliers since 2000 and have been breeding since 2002 and in our opinion there is no sweeter natured dog who is always loving and affectionate - and sometimes naughty of course. Since Heidi our first we have had ten in total and they are wonderful pets who we happen to breed from occasionally as they are super mums and we like to pass on the joy of owning a Cavalier to others - once owned no other breed will do.