Irish Draught

Irish Draught

The Irish Draught is one of the most prized and widely distributed horses in the world. It is also the foundation stock for breeding the Irish Sport Horse, which has proved successful in a variety of competition capacities.

The bloodline of the Irish Draught has been influenced by many a breed, including the Thoroughbred, the Clydesdale (although this produced qualities that were unfavourable), and several other Warmbloods.

The program of breeding was begun in the late 19th century and continued through the 20th century as farmers desired a more versatile equine capable of disciplines besides draught and agricultural work.

Today, the Irish Draught is the horse of choice for police forces across England and Ireland and is also seen in army artillery work, hunting, ploughing and as an everyday riding horse.

The breed boasts a height of 15-16.5 hands with well conformed legs, a strong head and solid constitution, and a thick mane and tail that is glossy like the coat. Generally speaking, the temperament of the Irish Draught is gentle, sensible and confident, making for a mount that is easily handled and trained.

Did you know..?

It is likely the Irish Draught descended from Spanish horses that made their way ashore following the shipwreck of the Armada in 1588.

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Added on 19/06/2018
Joined 19/06/2018
From Cornwall, United Kingdom

My mare is kind and trusting. For such a big horse not the bravest and you have to be gentle when training. Surprisingly, not a good doer, so feed well

Added on 30/01/2020
Joined 06/11/2014
From Somerset, United Kingdom

Mine is “mostly” Irish draught according to her breeder, but parentage is unrecorded. She’s broad, powerful, and at the age of 16, knows her mind. Not exactly stroppy, but can be a little impatient. That said, she is a lovely, kind girl.

Added on 02/03/2021
Joined 06/11/2015
From West Yorkshire, United Kingdom

I bought my Irish Draught as a foal, he I s now rising 3. It’s not always been plain sailing but what youngsters are.
He’s a real character and good at getting his point across but he’s so genuine and generally a joy to be around.
I’ve always had exracers up until having Fen so this is a big change for me but I wouldn’t go back. Irish Draughts are a fabulous and honest breed, in my opinion, and I can’t wait to get cracking with him when he’s a bit older.