The Whippet originates from...

Depicted in art from as early as Ancient Egyptian times, the Whippet falls within the Kennel Club's 'hound' breed group, primarily bred to course game at high speeds. The Whippet is the result of crossing between the Greyhound and Italian Greyhound, with or without contributing Terrier blood. The Whippet was developed at the end of the 19th century when dog coursing was a popular form of entertainment amongst the English lower classes. Whippet racing is particularly popular in Massachusetts, America, where the first Whippets were brought along with English mill workers, residing there ever since. The Whippet was officially recognised by the American Kennel Club in 1888.

The Whippet is characterised by...

Medium-sized and lean in build, the Whippet possesses a distinctive appearance, closely resembling its forebears in all but size. Boasting short legs, a deep chest for enhanced lung capacity, a long and pointed muzzle, a tapering tail, and a short, close coat. Typically, the coat is observed in colours of slate grey, fawn, red, brindle, tiger white, black or blue. Agile and curious, the Whippet is capable of climbing to a considerable height so observation is necessary when off the leash. An average shedder, the Whippet coat requires minimal management to maintain its appearance and does not have a typical 'doggy' odour.

The average Whippet...

Contrary to popular belief, the Whippet is an amiable, relaxed and gentle breed, with a quiet temperament that enjoys regular human contact. The Whippet is neither aggressive nor highly strung, but docile and dependable towards its owners. Compatible with children and other house pets when introduced to them gradually, the breed is low maintenance and makes a great addition to any home setting. Whilst there are discrepancies across gender, the average Whippet will weigh between 10-20 kg, with a life expectancy of approximately 12-15 years when shown the appropriate love and care.


Generally very healthy and long-lived, the Whippet is prone to few breed-specific or genetic diseases. Those that are documented in the breed include cardiac-related illness, congenital deafness and optical disorders, although these appear with no great prevalence.

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Added on 06/11/2013
Joined 26/08/2013
From Aberdeenshire, United Kingdom

Whippets are the most lovely, affectionate little dogs with great personality. Toffee is my first whippet and we have done puppy and obedience classes and are now doign Ringcraft classes to prepare him for a showing and stud career. I absolutely adore him :-)

Added on 13/01/2014
Joined 20/10/2012
From Hampshire, United Kingdom

sleepy, then v v fast, then asleep again mostly - hughly recommended!

Added on 22/08/2014
Joined 16/08/2014
From Dorset, United Kingdom

I have had Whippets for over 35 years , they are lovable gentle dogs a great family dog love to travel my dogs go abroad with me so they travel by sea and train, they will eat most foods but will like your dinner better, watch them they will steal food , they love to chill out on the sofa. A couch potato as my friends call them

Added on 08/12/2014
Joined 15/09/2014
From Aberdeenshire, United Kingdom

Whippets are beautiful dogs who like their comforts. Once they have had a run they love nothing better than a sleep on a comfy sofa. They are cheeky little monkeys and a lot of fun to have. I wouldn't be without my little girl I love her to bits!

Added on 21/08/2015
Joined 06/08/2013
From Cornwall, United Kingdom

My whippet 'Lana' is highly intelligent,loves to play games,will run until she drops and is extremely loving. Lana is my second and I would choose the Whippet as a breed every time.

Added on 26/02/2016
Joined 13/07/2014
From Cumbria, United Kingdom

We are the proud parents of 4 (yes 4!!!) whippets. Our oldest is almost 11, one is almost 6 and we have 2 brothers of 1 1/2. They are so sweet natured, very friendly towards children, other dogs and very affectionate towards us. Big positive about whippets is that they hardly shed hairs and truly smell lovely. Can't imagine ever not having whippets, yes I guess we are addicted to them.

Added on 16/04/2016
Joined 09/04/2015
From Dorset, United Kingdom

We have 5 Whippets and one Saluki cross Whippet. Whippets are very gentle creatures that love to play and run, ideally in an open meadow or on

Added on 31/03/2017
Joined 27/02/2015
From Cheshire, United Kingdom

Loving .elegant 40 mile an hour couch potatoes

Added on 05/06/2017
Joined 12/03/2012
From Cornwall, United Kingdom

My whippet Jasmine is 21 months old now and is delightful - clever, funny, very affectionate. She loves running off lead (her recall isn't bad) and being chased by other dogs! She's just started agility, which she loves

Added on 28/07/2017
Joined 12/11/2015
From Cornwall, United Kingdom

Flora our wonderful blue brindle whippet is 4 years old and our first dog. She was my wife's choice. I would have chosen something bigger! Saying that, once she arrived I fell in love with her immediately and she has been the perfect addition to the family. We had been warned that female whippets are harder work then boys, and she was a very lively puppy. We had her spayed at one and now she is a couch potato all day and then springs into life when I get home from work and take her to the cricket field for a play with her favourite thrower/balls. She sheds very little hair and no doggy smell. She hates cats and can reach any food left on the kitchen worktop by my sons. Overall, we are hooked on whippets and cannot imagine our life without her.

Added on 12/04/2018
Joined 04/04/2017
From United Kingdom

I have had Whippets for the last 20 years and wouldn't be without one.I lost my last Whippet,which was a rescue in November 2017.Her name was Xanthe and she had been abused by her last owner.Xanthe was only with us for 2 years but at least had 2 years of quality life.Last Christmas was the worst ever without a Whippet in the houseand our other dog Meme,a Westie,was so sad without her Whippet sister.So in February 2018 Luna joined our family.Luna is the 1st Whippet puppy I have ever owned and she is full on with energy and gets into everything.If you get a Whippet puppy you need to be prepared to sprend a lot of time with the pup,not for people who work full time.Have to say that after 2 months of hard work training Luna she is a joy to live with and has made our lives complete again

Added on 06/07/2018
Joined 04/06/2016
From Castell-nedd Port Talbot, United Kingdom

I was once told that whippets are untrainable. NOT TRUE! Whippets are very bright, clever and loving dogs, and in the right hands and with reward based techniques they can do well in most disciplines. With proper socialisation, they are great with children and other dogs, and can be with cats and small animals if introduced at an early age. They are gorgeous gentle creatures and a pleasure to own. They steal your heart!

Added on 08/07/2018
Joined 23/11/2016
From United Kingdom

We totally adore our 9 year old Blue Whippet, Ptolemy. He's been our constant companion since arriving as a cheeky puppy. He's great fun to take out and run off-leash ,but always stays within our sight as he's rather keen we're always together. He's a proper gentleman with other dogs, great for helping with puppy socialisation as he's quite "aloof" with other dogs and won't get involved with any rumbustious play sessions, no matter how hard they may try to engage him. This has always been the case,but it suits us all. Very sadly though, I must now tell you that he's been extremely poorly on and off since Christmas. He has Immune Mediated Thrombocytopenia together with recurrent Pancreatitis. Taking a huge dose of steroids every day and other meds to support him has made him ravenously hungry (and he loved food before ) ,permanently thirsty as his liver function is now compromised, and so he's looking much larger and has slowed down considerably. I believed he would live to a good age,and we'd all enjoy our twilight years together ,walking the countryside and coast and napping when necessary. We're devastated to have to accept this isn't going to happen now and all we can do is support him and know when the "time " comes. I can't think of our future life without Ptolemy and I feel cheated and bereft . But we've been privileged to have a Whippet living with us even if only for 9 years and I'd tell anyone how wonderful Whippets are to love and love you back in return.

Added on 04/12/2018
Joined 17/12/2011
From northumberland, United Kingdom

My whippet tilly is so beautiful and loving,i adore her.she is very energetic but loves to lie on the sofa with her legs in the air,snoring too.and she loves stealing socks.couldnt imagine life without her.

Added on 07/09/2019
Joined 06/11/2015
From Suffolk, United Kingdom

I have had whippets for more than fifty yrs and love the breed for their gentle nature. Suzy is a rescue girl we have had for just over a year and can't imagine life without her, she is a total joy.

Added on 11/05/2021
Joined 04/01/2021
From Hertfordshire, United Kingdom

Best kept secret of the dog world, Whippets are amazing. affectionate, sensitive, loving, quirky, fast then lazy. Perfect house dogs, don't moult much, very happy to laze around and chill out with their humans.

Added on 14/12/2021
Joined 14/12/2021
From Select State, United Kingdom

I have owned several whippets as well as other sighthounds mostly rescues an Chloe is my latest. She came to me as a very scared an emaciated little scrap who had been starved an badly neglected, her teeth were completely rotten an all but her 4 canines had to be removed an she had also just been spayed, quite an ordeal for such tiny girl but since then has really blossomed. She is a healthy weight an has discovered toys big style! she adores playing, walkies, food of course an cuddles, she is also a very cheeky girl who makes me laugh a lot an I can't imagine life without her now. Whippets are gentle loving breed an once you have owned one your addicted