Croatian Coldblood

Croatian Coldblood

Believed to date back to the 19th century, the Croatian Coldblood is a relatively new breed of heavy draught horse which originated in the central and north-western region of Croatia. It is thought the breed was influenced by native Warmblood mares and Noriker breed stallions, later being added to by the Percheron, Ardennes and Brabant.

Boasting a stocky structure and appearance, the Croatian Coldblood is well evolved for farming and agricultural work with well conformed legs, a deep chest and a strong head. The average height of a Croatian Coldblood is between 14.5-15.5 hands, although there are examples outside this range. The breed is suited to changeable climates and is both hardy and long lived.

Today, the Croatian Coldblood is not well known outside its homeland and breed numbers remain low. Owners and enthusiasts describe the breed’s easy temperament, low maintenance and willingness to work, although today the Croatian Coldblood is a popular choice for meat production in Croatia as heavy working breeds such as the Ardennes often are.

Did you know..?

Most Croatian Coldbloods are bay in colour, with fewer than 10% being black, grey or palomino.

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