Catalan Sheepdog

Catalan Sheepdog

The Catalan Sheepdog originates from...

Now primarily bred across Europe in Germany, Finland, Spain and Sweden, the Catalan Sheepdog is considered one of the world's oldest and rarest dog breeds, dating back to the time of the ancient Romans in 200-100 BC. Bred in the Pyrenean Valley regions and in Catalonia, the Catalan Sheepdog began as a versatile working breed, utilised on farms before the onset of the War. Brought back into existence on numerous occasions through selective breeding, the Catalan Sheepdog has many relatives and is the result of breeding between the Italian Bergamasco and native Catalan dogs.

The Catalan Sheepdog is characterised by...

A medium-sized breed possessing strong limbs, a proportionate frame, a long, wavy coat in colour variations of fawn, black, yellow-red, grey and chestnut, as well as round features and dark eyes. The thick, tonal coat is characteristic of the breed, protecting the dog from extreme temperatures and adding to its distinctive appearance. Whilst still being used for guarding and herding, the modern Catalan Sheepdog is progressively being utilised in search and rescue, agility and competitive stock dog trials.

The average Catalan Sheepdog...

A highly intelligent breed with good trainability; the Catalan Sheepdog originated as a light, working breed and maintains an instinctual working temperament today. With an approximate weight of between 17-25 kg depending on gender and a life expectancy of 14 years, the Catalan Sheepdog is a resilient and vigilant breed, alert to threat and change. With an easy, sedate temperament, this is the ideal breed choice for families, whilst being a great companion for a sole owner. Very active-minded, the Catalan Sheepdog benefits from wide outdoor spaces where it can exercise and play.


Re-bred for its inherent hardiness, the Catalan Sheepdog is not susceptible to any known health complaints, but like most dogs, may potentially be afflicted by hip dysplasia. Otherwise, this breed is generally healthy and long-lived, when shown appropriate care.

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Added on 20/07/2021
Joined 24/03/2015
From Berkshire, United Kingdom

I rescued Jake from Spain nearly 2 years ago. Jake was thin and frightened of just about everything. It has been a long haul but has been well worth it. Jake is golden with black ear tips and beard. He was very gaurdy about people coming into the home but is more tolerant now. It is in the breed to be suspicious of strangers. He follows me everywhere and guards me when working on the farm, he will keep moving around the fence line just to keep an eye on me.
I enrolled Jake for dog training and socialisation, like all my rescues have done. 1st lesson was sitting in the middle watching other d ogs, he just trembled and dribble so we just watched from a distance away until he got more confident. After six weeks he did the Kennel Club Good Citizens Bronze and passed and six weeks later he passed the Silver, unfortunately we could not continue to the Gold certificate due to Covid lock down. He still needs to see more of the outside world he is getting there though. Jake worships the ground I walk on, my husband has to come second according to Jake. The only downfall he suffers from food and pollen allergies he is having treatment for this and is vitamin B12 deficient. We love Jake to bits now. Reading the breed standards that's just him. Will post photos soon.