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The Ussuri originates from...

Very little is known about the development of this rare feline, although it is believed to hail from the Amur River region of Russia where it is likely to have encountered wild cats, better known as ‘Amur forest cats.’ Many theories surround the development of the breed, although there is little concrete evidence to say one way or another. It is common belief however, that the Ussuri is a hybrid of these Amur forest cats and domestic breeds that frequented the River region. Over the years the Ussuri has been observed in native Russia progressively less and it is thought that due to inbreeding and lack of a breeding program, the Ussuri is likely to go extinct, if it hasn't already.

The Ussuri is characterised by...

Due to its rarity, very little is known about the Ussuri in terms of its structure or appearance. Many cat fanciers describe its features as similar to the Bengal, which has a stocky and athletic build, long legs and a soft, close-lying coat with tabby patterning. The Ussuri is likely to have a natural affinity with water, having evolved in the Amur River region where it probably learned to swim both for fun and survival. Besides this, little else is known about the Ussuri whose physical attributes can only really be speculated at. The generic description of a small Asian wildcat it that is possesses a muscular body structure, lynx ears, striped legs, a ringed tail and various coat markings of bronze rings, stripes or merged spots.

The average Ussuri...

The personality of a hybrid cat is difficult to gauge, and because the Ussuri is especially rare there is little evidence to suggest at its behaviour in a domestic setting. If the Bengal is anything to go by, the average Ussuri is likely to demand constant attention and companionship from its owners, not content to spend long periods of time alone. The Ussuri is also likely to display intelligence, energy and affection, and to respond well to children and other house pets when introduced to them gradually. Typically, most wild/domestic cat hybrids will weigh up to 15 pounds, with an average life expectancy of 12-15 years when cared for accordingly.

Because no breed is without its weakness...

Due to the elusive nature of the Ussuri, determining any genetic or breed-specific health complaints is difficult, although there is nothing to suggest it is anything but healthy and resilient.

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