Bavarian Warmblood

Bavarian Warmblood

Originally known as the Rottaler or Rottal Horse having hailed from Rott Valley, South Germany, the breed adopted the name ‘Bavarian Warmblood’ in 1963 and has been known as such ever since.

It was during the latter part of the 18th century that the Bavarian Warmblood was re-developed, with fanciers incorporating a mix of bloodlines to its breeding program, making the breed far lighter than it was traditionally. The Trakehner and Thoroughbred were later added to further refine the breed, giving it its size, spirit and polished conformation.

Throughout its history, the Bavarian Warmblood has been a popular horse for competition and eventing, both nationally and internationally. It has also been the breed of choice for World Cup equestrian teams that have recognised its dexterity and easy handling.

Standing at an above average height of 16.2 hands, the Bavarian Warmblood is a regal-looking horse that makes up for its lack of speed with its naturally controlled gait and sporting gusto.

Did you know..?

‘Lord Sinclair,’ a Bavarian Warmblood stallion that appeared at a German auction in 1997 was sold for a total of 2.8 million francs, making it the most expensive horse on the planet at the time.

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