Arabian Horse

Arabian Horse

Without question, the Arabian is the most distinctive and easily recognised horse on the planet. It is also a breed of antiquity, with records suggesting a origin of 5,000 years ago.

With a high set tail carriage and a fine head shape unique to the breed, the Arabian is a picture of grace and deceptive delicacy. It is believed that every riding horse in the world can be traced back to one Arabian or another, with many bloodlines dating back centuries and spanning the globe – examples from America to continental Europe and the Middle East.

How the Arabian came to be so well distributed is blamed upon war and trade, with the Arabian being added to the breeding program of other developing breeds to include its endurance, strength, willingness and refinement.

Having evolved beneath the hot Arabian sun, one would be hard-pressed to find a hardier or more versatile equine, capable of achieving greater speeds, demonstrating greater stamina, or showing a more gentle and balanced disposition. For these reasons, the Bedouin people of the Arabian Desert favoured the breed and made certain to preserve and evolve its merits.

Did you know..?

The Arabian features heavily in ancient folklore and mythology, with one Bedouin legend describing how the horse formed from the scattered rain of a thundercloud, thereby acquiring the title ‘Drinker of the Wind.’

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Added on 08/05/2015
Joined 27/07/2010
From Merseyside, United Kingdom

amazing, beautiful, loyal, comical, brave, unbelievably intelligent !!

Added on 03/10/2017
Joined 28/04/2016
From United Kingdom

Arabians, the best horses on the planet in my eyes. Intelligent, loyal, gentle and brave, all the traits the Bedouin required from their prized war Mares. Have owned 3 and will own another in time. I cant recommend this breed enough and this is probably one of the few breeds that cat turn it's hoof to anything! Yes even show jumping, they fly.

Added on 06/03/2018

Blue is 26 years old he is a Crabbet Stallion I also own his half sister Lou Lou she is 25 years

Added on 18/02/2019
Joined 18/02/2019
From Buckinghamshire, United Kingdom

I have owned Echo for nearly 19 years (he will be 26 in June) & he has been such fun. He is so full of character & very cheeky. Loves his extra strong mints, always looking in pockets for the treat. He’s retired now but he was great to ride, always willing & very good on the road. Love him to bits 😃

Added on 20/03/2019
Joined 19/03/2019
From Berkshire, United Kingdom

I have a pure bred Arabian who I have had since he was two. He is spooky, unpredictable , a bit nutty and has a mind of his own. He is also very intelligent so a quick learner but learns bad habits as well as good things. He is very loveable towards me but doesn't like many other people. Also can be very protective and aggressive at strangers at times . But with a lot of work , perserverence , patience and tons of love and care with rules and a good telling off when needed he has much improved and I have had such good fun riding him. He has a good bond with me and I with him and he trusts me which has gone a long way. Don't buy an arab if you want an easy life! But my mare is an arab cross and she is more respondent and still spooky and excitable but not as bad as the pure bred. They are such good fun and have great personalities you just need to know them so you can predict what they will do next!