Crossbreed/Mixed breed

Crossbreed/Mixed breed

The Moggy/Cross-breed originates from...

Because the Moggy is not classified as an independent breed, but rather, is the name given to any cat whose parents are cross-breeds or non-pedigrees, there is no exact history for it. These cats usually have a uniform appearance as the short-haired gene is dominant, and are seen in a variety of colours and patternings. It is thought that 100 million cats exist globally, and that most of these are cross-breeds or ‘moggies.’ During the 20th century there were many stray cats in London, and these are believed to be the forebears of today’s cross-breeds. The name ‘Moggy’ has been applied to different things over the centuries, from cows and calves in the 18th century, to a woman of untidy appearance in the 19th century. In the UK, the term ‘Moggy’ is also used as a general term for cats, whether they are a cross-breed or a pedigree.

The Moggy/Cross-breed is characterised by...

The Moggy is observed in all colour and pattern variations, although the tabby is the most common as it bears the most striking resemblance to the cats’ wild ancestors.  A medium-sized cat usually, with moderate length legs, a round face, wide-spaced triangular ears and a dense coat that requires little in the way of grooming. Long-haired varieties are seen, although this is far less common as the gene for the trait is recessive. Besides this, any appearance or structural deviations are dependent on the individual cat’s forebears.

The average Moggy/Cross-breed...

It is commonly said that the cross-breed cat is far more intelligent than the pure-breed cat due to years of inbreeding. Moreover, the Moggy is described as the best all-round cat for its inherently friendly and adaptable nature, making it compatible with children and other house pets when introduced to them gradually. Apart from this, the Moggy is described as playful, docile and sweet-natured, with a keen hunting instinct and a natural resilience. There are no exact measurements when it comes to a cross-breed as all cats will vary, although generally-speaking a healthy Moggy will weigh 8-12 pounds, with an average life expectancy of 15 years or more.


Unlike many pedigree and pure-breed cats that suffer from a myriad of health complaints, the Moggy is a hardy and long-lived cat with a natural resilience that has been primed through cross-breeding. Nature’s law ensures that when cats are allowed to select a mate themselves, only the most desirable traits are exchanged and preserved. This means that generally, cross-breed cats are the best of the bunch and are far less prone to developing severe health problems.

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Added on 28/09/2017
Joined 23/09/2017
From West Yorkshire, United Kingdom

We rehomed a very neglected ginger tom 4 years ago Now he has settled he is so loyal and loving and great with all the family... almost dog like in character but with the great independence and cat! He is small but holds his own on the street and has become a treasured part of our family. The only thing that gives away his past life is his love for kebabs and curry... probably from living out of bins... but that just adds to his quirky character.

Added on 26/02/2018
Joined 26/02/2018
From Powys, United Kingdom

When I got my cat ‘Mr Pookins (my toddler named him) I was told he was a Persian long hair and Burmese mix. He’s a beautiful cat, so fluffy!
He’s very laid back and super chilled and has a majestic-ness about him.
His meow is gentle just like him.

Added on 25/09/2018
Joined 14/03/2018
From Perth and Kinross, United Kingdom

Our boy Bleu is amazing natured. He’s quite a needy cat and loves to follow his mummy everywhere!
He’s indoor, very well behaved and loves to play.
He’s an “accidental” mix between British Blue short haired and a tabby.
It makes him a very unique.

I’ve never been a cat person, always owned dogs but couldn’t imagine life without my little fur baby!

Added on 14/12/2018
Joined 21/01/2014
From lancs, United Kingdom

Bruno is a healthy 15 year old kitty. Loyal, not keen on being picked up. Love him to bits. We adopted him 7 year ago.

Added on 29/12/2019
Joined 17/01/2018
From Cornwall, United Kingdom

We rehomed a small, gentle, but very unfriendly cat (Leah) from Cat's Protection. She had had kittens when she was very young herself and they lived in a dangerous quarry. The kittens soon found a home but no-one wanted unfriendly mum. She's so beautiful. I'm sorry we were too late to have for her kittens as well. It was a couple of years before she learnt to purr and another two before I could stroke her tail when she was relaxed (on a good day and only when she agreed!). Seven years on, she is a lot more friendly, will sit next to us in the garden, she purrs a lot, talks a lot and still hides from most visitors, except the lucky few. We love having her around, but she is very much her own boss.

Added on 17/08/2020
Joined 13/03/2020
From United Kingdom

My baby boy ceru and lil queen coconut are absolutely adorable. They honestly make up for what the other "lacks" - coconut being the neat and tidy, elegant, laid back, and a smart one, maybe too smart, though she's sassy, lazy and independent to the point she unleashed her wrath upon you when you approach her for a cuddle (makes up for it with licks though), and ceru is the overly affectionate, playful, lovebug but not a very bright younger brother who loves making a mess and looks unkept besides the queen.

We like to say he's the peasant/servant and we're the Queen's Butler. But they're both a joy to have. I wouldn't give them up for the world, even if my dear queen betrayed my love and prefers my brother over me despite me doing everything for her (definitely not salty over this).

No two cats are the same, breeds don't really matter. But where the cat is crossbred multiple times and therefore moggys, they are each their own, unique in both appearance and personality. A one of a kind lifelong companion.

Added on 25/11/2020
Joined 28/04/2015
From Worcestershire, United Kingdom

My black and white boy, Sam, is the sweetest, most loving cat in spite of his multiple health issues. Sam is 21 years old and has fought his way through cruelty from his previous owners, pancreatitis, 2 bouts of diabetes and still guards the neighbourhood! He’s a huge character who charms everyone with whom he comes into contact. I’d be lost without Sam keeping me in my place!