Rhodesian Ridgeback

Rhodesian Ridgeback

The Rhodesian Ridgeback originates from...

A big game hunter, the Rhodesian Ridgeback derives its name from its place of origin, Rhodesia, what is now Zimbabwe. Various dogs, imported by Boer settlers in the 16th and 17th centuries, decided to breed their own hunting dogs that were suited to working vast acreages under a hot sun. To achieve this, several large breed dogs including Greyhounds, Great Danes, Mastiffs and Bloodhounds, were selectively crossed with native dogs of the Khoikhoi peoples, establishing a breed with stamina, strength and fearlessness. Utilised in packs while the hunters trailed on horseback, the Rhodesian Ridgeback was a keen hunter of lion, distracting the target long enough for the hunter to shoot at it. Further employments include guarding home and property, protecting children from predators, and retrieving flushed birds. The breed was first imported to the United States in 1950 and was officially recognised by their Kennel Club five years later.

The Rhodesian Ridgeback is characterised by...

Distinct in appearance, the 'ridgeback' is known as such for its unique coat characteristic, that sees a line of hair along its spine. A distinct trait of the Khoikhoi dogs, the Rhodesian adopted this trait when selectively bred, retaining it today. Further characteristic to the breed is its solid, athletic build, long legs, a deep chest for aiding stamina, a long, defined muzzle, a low-set, tapering tail, and eyes of a colouration matching the coat. The Rhodesian coat is typically short and close-fitting, usually seen in variations of wheaten, red and brown. The Rhodesian is otherwise known as the 'Lion Dog' or 'African Lion Hound.'

The average Rhodesian Ridgeback...

Whilst being determined on the hunt and fearless in safeguarding its family from potential danger, the Rhodesian is otherwise obedient, calm and loyal, adapting well to the home setting. Possessing a natural authority as the original pack leader, the Rhodesian Ridgeback benefits from firm leadership, early socialisation and consistent obedience training in order to settle well into domestic life. In general, a healthy Rhodesian Ridgeback will weigh 30-40 kg depending on its gender, with a life expectancy of 10-12 years when exercised regularly, given constant human companionship, and mentally enriched.


Despite being sturdy and resilient, the Rhodesian Ridgeback is susceptible to various health complaints, ranging from mild to more serious. These include optical disorders, such as cataracts, entropion and progressive retinal atrophy, as well as hip dysplasia and association orthopedic complaints. More serious incidences of bloat and gastric tortion are commonly observed in the large breeds, and the Rhodesian Ridgeback is no exception. Other conditions include mast-cell tumours and various cancers, inactive thyroid, and a degenerative spinal cord disease known as Degenerative Myelopathy.

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Added on 09/08/2014

I have two Ridgeback ' s and would never own another breed. They are intelligent, stubborn, wilful, independent, loyal and very mischievous and absolutely one of the most loving breeds. Very active when young and slowly start to settle down. They always keep you on your toes with their antics. They are active dogs and need lots of exercise. Would not be without one

Added on 11/02/2015

I have a 5 month old Rhodesian Ridgeback puppy called Zimba. He is so so loyal! I've always loved Ridgebacks, and finally took the plunge and got myself a Ridgeback of my very own! He is an absolute star, and is SO obedient! He is also so clever, picks up new tricks so quickly. Couldn't be happier with him! The perfect companion!

Added on 16/07/2015
Joined 16/07/2015
From Somerset, United Kingdom

Having owned many breeds of dog, we are finally owned by Kofi, our ridgeback. They are the most loyal, loving dogs. I have never felt quite as close a bond as I have with Kofi. Not for the faint-hearted in terms of training and puppy behaviour, but they are worth every minute of effort that you put into them. I would trust him implicitly and had he has never shown any aggression - he loves people and other dogs in equal measure. If you are considering a ridgeback and have the time and energy to put into one, go for it - it would be the best thing you have ever done!

Added on 16/07/2015
Joined 16/07/2015
From Somerset, United Kingdom

Once you are owned by a Ridgeback you never look back. Devoted to his pack, but good natured with other dogs and people, Kofi is a delight to be with. A rollercoaster ride awaits you in puppyhood, but as long as you provide adequate exercise and mental stimulation, you will be rewarded with a glorious companion. They can be stubborn and thorough training is definitely a must but, having owned many other breeds, a Ridgeback is the only choice for us now.

Added on 02/10/2015

Keeta is our 4 year old ridgeback
She is my best friend! She is loyal and loves attention and loves to sleep especially in the sun.
She also loves to run and play!
She is very clever and learns quickly.
She walks on her lead well next to my wheelchair I always feel safe with her by my side.

Added on 03/04/2018
Joined 24/05/2016
From Merseyside, United Kingdom

We have a two year old boy Mac , he is the most loyal dog , goofy lovely with people and friendly with all dogs he brings a smile to my face each day would,not be without him . Hoping to get another this year . They are wilful and stubborn and have selective hearing but good training socialisation you will have the best loyal loving gentle giant

Added on 05/07/2019
Joined 13/11/2018
From Aberdeenshire, United Kingdom

Morlich is a 9 year old girl now , been years of fun , camping, forest walks beach trips, infact shes been with us always, if you would like to own one, you will have a very active outdoor life with a very family orientated dog, they are a pack animal so they need there pack, ie us !, so be prepared to have an animal thats on the same wavelength as yourself, and they will give you a life of fun, just remember they need there blanket for cosy nights in, a must, and never forget there food times , honestly they read the time ! All in all a majic breed of dog and thats after having dogs over 50 years, enjoy 😀

Added on 05/07/2019
Joined 05/07/2019
From United Kingdom

We have Cooper, our second Ridgeback. He is very loving and needs to be around you all the time. I wouldn’t be without him. He is very clever and quick to learn. A very intelligent breed. Very loyal to family.

Added on 24/02/2020
Joined 12/11/2015
From Castle Douglas, United Kingdom

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