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Ojos Azules

Ojos Azules

The Ojos Azules originates from...

The Ojos Azules, meaning ‘blue eyes’ in Spanish, is a relatively modern cat that first emerged in 1984. This unique cat with striking blue eyes was seen in a New Mexico colony of feral cats and was given the name Cornflower because of its dappled, tortoiseshell coat. When Cornflower was crossed with male cats, all of the resulting kittens were born with the same blue eyes, thus proving the gene for this trait was dominant. Later, a cat with distinctive sapphire eyes appeared in New South Wales, Australia, despite no Ojos Azules being transported there. Again, this suggested the gene was not as rare as initially thought and could appear at any time, in any given place. The breed was recognised by the International Cat Association in 1991.

The Ojos Azules is characterised by...

The Ojos Azules is an easy cat to identify, with its bright blue eyes and nimble appearance. Because the gene for blue eyes is not restricted to any coat colour or patterning, it can appear in any cat at any time. Typically, the Ojos Azules possesses a lean body structure, with long legs, a wedge-shaped head, and a forehead that is slightly rounded. The coat is usually very short, close-fitting and fine, and is easy to maintain with regular grooming. The extremities often appear with white markings, although any white markings on the body are not desired.

The average Ojos Azules...

Due to the rarity of the Ojos Azules, precious little is documented about its temperament or behaviours. The small clutch of cats that are owned as domestic pets are reputed to have perfectly amiable temperaments, with a capacity for loyalty and affection. These cats are active, playful and full of character, with a keen hunting instinct and good climbing capabilities. The Ojos Azules is presumed to weigh in the region of 10 pounds, with a typical life expectancy of 15 years.

Because no breed is without its weakness...

Any breed-specific or genetic health conditions associated with the Ojos Azules are difficult to determine due to its rarity. Unlike solid white cats with the blue-eye trait that are usually deaf, the Ojos Azules does not suffer with this complaint.

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