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The Dobermann originates from...

Recognising the demand for fearless and versatile watchdogs in 19th century Germany following the Franco-Prussian War, Herr Louis Dobermann began selective breeding dogs fit for purpose, although which breeds were originally used remains unknown. After 60 years of experimental canine interbreeding, Herr Louis Dobermann achieved success and the Dobermann, or 'Devil Dog' as it was commonly known by the American Marines during WWII, came into popularity. Sent onshore to effectively flush out the enemy, the Dobermann established a reputation as an aggressive, unpredictable breed, primarily used for guarding and policing. The modern Dobermann, however, boasts far gentler traits and is subsequently a highly sought domestic dog.

The Dobermann is characterised by...

Originally bred as guard dogs, they have an athletic, lean build and is of medium size. Characteristic traits include a long tail, however, in many countries where 'docking' is legal, the tail may have been significantly reduced. Similarly, in some countries the natural ears of canines bred for guard duty are cropped as a functionality measure. The neck, head, and legs are proportionate to the body and the breed is commonly recognised in colours of black, brown, fawn, or black and tan.

The average Dobermann...

While the temperament of the breed is up for debate, bearing in mind the breed was selectively created for the purposes of guarding and protecting, the modern Dobermann is noted for its loyal and affectionate temperament, being gentle with children and active in play. This breed is both vigilant and intelligent and is able to perceive potential threat — acting fearlessly to protect its family when necessary. The average Dobermann will weigh between 30-40kg, depending on its gender, and has a life expectancy of 12-14 years when shown appropriate care.


While the Dobermann is a resilient breed in many respects, various studies have shown that they are particularly susceptible to prostatic diseases, including bacterial infections and prostatic cysts — it is possible to avoid such complaints by neutering your dog. Besides this, more serious common health complaints include von Willebrand's disease, a bleeding disorder, cervical vertebral instability (CVI), heart complaints, and dilated cardiomyopathy. There is evidence to suggest that the causes of these diseases stem from inherited, familial disease prevalent in the breed.

This article also relates to Doberman Pinscher.

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Our Dobermann owners' thoughts

Added on 13/10/2013
Joined 04/09/2009
From lancs, United Kingdom

Luca is so loving and gentle, but also very protective of his family, if I am alone at home I know I am safe, he stays by my side all the time, yet he is kind with other people once he has checked them out and knows they are no threat to me or any of the family. he is just adorable.

Added on 24/03/2014
Joined 18/08/2012
From Western Australia, Australia

If you want a dog to put out in your backyard, then a dobermann is not for you! They are most suited to people and families that will include them in their day to day lives. There is nothing so true as the phrase "Having a dobermann is never going to the toilet again alone." They will typically want to be involved in everything you do.

This will always be the breed for me. Truly a companion dog.

Added on 20/04/2016
Joined 04/09/2015
From Kent, United Kingdom

Luca is my third Dobermann, i had always loved the breed and finally i had my first girl Molly, followed by Phoebe and now Luca. I don't think i could ever have another breed. They are known as Velcro dogs and they will follow you everywhere, they must be close to you at all times. They need a lot of time and interaction. Their energy levels are high they need exercise and mental stimulation, and are very, very demanding puppies. I would say if you are prepared to learn about the breed, and all the potential health risks, of which they are susceptible to many sadly, and are prepared to literally share your life with your Dobe, then they will reward you with total love and loyalty. I love them totally and could'nt imagine life without them.

Added on 27/11/2016
Joined 27/11/2016
From Lincolnshire, United Kingdom

All of the above and more lol. Bruce is my first dobie and despite the first 18months being sooooo stressful he is the most amazing dog I've had. He keeps me fit and healthy and is soo loyal and loving. Will definitely only ever have dobes in my life now

Added on 05/02/2017
Joined 26/04/2015
From Nottingfhamshire, United Kingdom

Bests dogs ever

Added on 30/04/2018
Joined 16/02/2009
From Kent, United Kingdom

Max is very loving and faithful,he can be a bit over protective when out not liking anything fast coming towards us bikes joggers ect.
He's very good with children,and once he gets to know a person their his friend for life.

Added on 11/03/2019
Joined 20/01/2013
From Buckinghamshire, United Kingdom

From my own personal experience with Dobermanns, they are big babies! They love being with people at all time, hate being on their own and generally will want all the attention you can provide. My own Dobermann is a wuss, he's not fond of other dogs, choosing to go off on his own than play and doesn't have much patience with puppies. If the doorbell rings, he runs scared behind me, never one to be protective over anything! But they are a beautiful and sweet breed and I love my boy with all my heart.

Added on 25/06/2019
Joined 03/06/2016
From Cornwall, United Kingdom

Caring ,protective and loyal .Louie is my very best friend xx

Added on 08/10/2019
Joined 25/08/2014
From West Midlands, United Kingdom

I have a doberman/rottie cross and I agree that he is a big softie. You can never leave a room without him shadowing you and yes, he too follows me to the loo, but waits respectfully outside. I never need to put him on a lead, except to drag him to the vets, where he has his own fan club of vet nurses. He is a great leaner with everyone he meets and loves his cuddles. I would not be without my boy.

Added on 28/02/2020
Joined 23/06/2018
From Kent, United Kingdom

Well, where to start? The most stunning breed of dog to have. Beautiful, protective, proud, loving and clever.
Then they can be the most ridiculously stupid animal on the planet! Never a dull moment, fun, playful and a key member of any family. Love love love them