Czech Warmblood

Czech Warmblood

Dating the early development of the Czech Warmblood is difficult, although it is generally accepted that it emerged before the Austro-Hungary Empire of 1876.

During the century, the Czech’s bloodline was influenced by various other breeds, the majority of which hailed from Italy and Spain. Like the Austrian Warmblood, strains such as the Furioso and Gidran, as well as the more common Thoroughbred, Arabian and Oldenburg, are believed to have featured somewhere in its lineage.

Traditionally bred as a working horse, the Czech of today is better observed in riding and showing disciplines that demand a horse with conformation, ability and enthusiasm on its side.

Generally, all Czech Warmbloods are bay with a thick mane and tail and a well balanced structure. The breed has a natural aptitude for jumping and racing and is successful in dressage and other sporting capacities.

A horse without pretension, the Czech Warmblood is a good all-round mount, perfect for amateur and experienced riders.

Did you know..?

The most successful bloodline of these horses is the Bystry line which began with stallion ‘469’ in 1919. This particular line boasts horses with good endurance and athleticism, and a slightly reduced height when compared with other Warmblood lines.


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