Great Dane

Great Dane

The Great Dane originates from...

The National Dog of Germany since 1876 - the Great Dane's country of origin - the breed boasts an ancient heritage that dates back as early as 1121 BC. Attributed various nicknames, including the 'Apollo of all dogs' and the 'Gentle Giant,' the popularly know Great Dane is believed to have derived from the Wolfhound, Mastiff and Greyhound respectively. Dogs aligning with our modern-day perception of the Great Dane feature on Greek money dating back to 36 BC, in early Chinese literature and on Egyptian monumental engravings from 3,000 BC. It is widely thought that large, Mastiff-like dogs were first introduced to Germany during the Asiatic invasion of 407 AD, where they were admired for their fierce ability to hunt wild boar and bear and were subsequently cross-bred. The Great Dane was officially recognised in England in 1877.

The Great Dane is characterised by...

Perhaps one of the most distinctive breeds for its size alone, the Great Dane boasts mammoth proportions, with long, muscular legs and a powerful body. Characteristic features include a long, rectangular head, dark eyes, a deep muzzle, high-set ears that might be cropped or natural, and a thick coat in colour variations of brindle, black, blue, merle and fawn. Falling within the 'working breed' branch of canines, the Great Dane shares its classification with the Boxer and St. Bernard, originally bred for the purposes of guarding and search and rescue.

The average Great Dane...

Despite its imposing size, the Great Dane is commonly misunderstood, being amongst the most affectionate of breeds, although maintaining a natural vigilance to change and threat and acting fearlessly to protect its family if danger is perceived. Versatile and hardy, the Great Dane makes a great guard dog with keen senses and the inherent ability to discern intruders from those permitted on the property. A loyal and obedient house dog, compatible with children and other house pets when introduced gradually and observed at all times. Weighing an average of 46 kg, although with large discrepancies across gender, and with a life expectancy of 10-12 years of age.


Although not a typically long-lived breed, the Great Dane is generally healthy and resilient. Documented cases of hip dysplasia, bloat and tail injury are common with this breed, as well as more serious incidences of gastric tortion, causing the highest number of Great Dane fatalities, bone weakness due to rapid growth, cardiac disease and mast-cell tumours.

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Added on 20/09/2013
Joined 20/09/2013
From Fife, United Kingdom

Dave is our first Great Dane and just a big very loveable rouge Quite simply put these dogs are a breed apart!
Everyone wants to speak to him - he is better known than us now!
Extremely affectionate breed who will melt everyone's heart and great with children too.
A great asset to any home, I don't think we will ever be without one now.

Added on 17/01/2016
Joined 16/01/2016
From Fife, United Kingdom

Kasha was my first fawn Great Dane. She was such a softie and made herself known to all my friends and neighbours. She would stand and look up at them to get her chin stroked and get a couple of kisses. Unfortunately I lost my beautiful girl to bloat just after Christmas. She was 5 and a half. I have her home with me now and have Keeva and Kai to concentrate on. I will never forget Kasha.

Added on 29/03/2016
Joined 22/07/2013
From Hertfordshire, United Kingdom

I currently have two danes and have previously owned a further two. Suffice it to say I am a Dane lover. They are complete nutters - they have not got a clue how big they are! However they are so affectionate and loving that you can forgive the occasional 'accident' when they knock you to the floor!

Added on 20/08/2016
Joined 15/06/2015
From Staffordshire, United Kingdom

We are currently owned by two Danes,Milo is out 4 and 1/2 year old Blue Dane. He stands an impressive 38" at the shoulder ( 2" above the kitchen work surface) and weighs 71kg, He's my gentle baby. We also live with a 9 month old Mantle Mismark called Grace. She is currently standing at 32" and weighs in around 55-60kg- although, at the rate she is eating our house it is bound to increase a lot! I've never had a Dane that is so destructive- she chews everything and anything, but she's so adorable it really is impossible to stay mad with her!

Added on 20/02/2017
Joined 20/02/2017
From North Yorkshire, United Kingdom

I owned to Fawn Great Danes some years ago. Carl the male was 8weeks old when I got him and was lovely with my son and people he knew but had to be watched with strangers especially men. He did an incredible. amount of damage including totally destroying a new sofa . My bitch Juno I got as a rescue at 18 months, she was over the chewing stage and had Carl for company. Although a little shy at first, Juno loved anyone who showed her attention. I lost both dogs at 9 year old to different Cancers. I then got another Great Dane bitch rescue, a Harliquin this time, she was 11months and has never chewed a thing.... However, when I got her was completely crackers, she had two speeds at everything, 0 or 90 miles an hour...... However, after training she soon calmed down.... She loves everyone she meets especially children of all ages. She is known everywhere in our town ( I'm just someone on the end of the lead haha). Lexi, is 8 now and has a few problems with arthritis in her hips but is still basically fit. I would always have a Great Dane but I STRONGLY advise you doing training with them from a very young age. Lexi is sociable with humans of all ages, other dogs and cats.... She would never steal or touch anything not fed to her or told she can have, she has excellent recall even to come back and leave chasing a rabbit, walks lovely on a lead and is basically a complete dream . But this took a lot of gentle reward training. She is my fur soul mate and it will break my heart when I lose her.

Added on 05/05/2018

Iv never had 1 before.
But had many puppies who iv trained.
But i can not train grace.
She pulls on a lead
Will not come back when called

Added on 04/05/2020
Joined 20/02/2018
From Hertfordshire, United Kingdom

Best dogs I have ever owned and will always have one !

Added on 16/07/2020
Joined 17/04/2015
From Devon, United Kingdom

We have been blessed with Danes for over 25yrs in all we've had black,harley ( they are mad as hatters) 2 fawns, a blue and currently a Mantle. Usually we have 2 but I am at the age that my wife tells me I'm too old to have more than 1. I wouldn't have any other breed although I love all dogs.