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The Oldenburg is a strain of German warmblood hailing from the north-western province of Oldenburg, Lower Saxony. Developed during the 17th century by organised breeding enthusiast, Anton Gunther von Oldenburg, the breed started life as a luxury carriage horse and practical farm animal.

Esteemed for its impressive size and high-stepping gait, the Oldenburg bloodline is believed to have been influenced by the fine-moving Friesian, as well as having Spanish, Neapolitan and Barb input. The Oldenburg was used in various roles throughout history, from agriculture and war work, to its involvement in high-end transportation.

As leisure riding became a popular past time during the 1940's and 50's, the Oldenburg moved away from all-purpose farm and carriage work and was chosen instead for its power, consistency in conformation and willingness to work under saddle. Today, the Oldenburg is widely favoured for its natural athleticism and jumping ability.

Generally speaking, most Oldenburgs are black, brown, chestnut, bay or grey in colour, although the breeding guidelines are very liberal on this score. Ideally, an Oldenburg should range between 16-17.2 hands with a defined face and a easy-going nature.

Did you know..?

You can tell an Oldenburg by its unique branding on the left hip. The brand consists of the initial 'O' with a halo above and the last two digits of the horse's life number below.




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Our Oldenburg owners' thoughts

10th Mar 2015
Tracy Douglass

I own 1 oldenburg mare whom I have 2 yrs now she has the sweetest nature in the stable and on the ground, snorts at everything which makes me laugh, try's to please when riding her, but can be a bit spooky and sharp, especially when learning something new and gets a little confused. I also own a welsh/ warmblood who is 18 this year she was bred for me, she gets extremely jealous of Newby (Oldenburg) and I think it's the welsh in her that makes her so sharpe, she's like a little fire cracker but full of character and a real fun horse who has done a bit of everything.

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