The Fell Pony has a long and decorated history. Believed to have existed along with the Romans, the breed started out as a dependable draught animal, assisting in the construction of Hadrian’s Wall along the England Scotland border.

Revered for its strength and dexterity, the Fell became the breed of choice for many different communities throughout British history, including the Vikings who used it for ploughing, the Normans for shepherding their flocks, and various others for transportation and agriculture.

Thought to be the result of breeding between indigenous mares and Friesian stallions, the Fell Pony boasts all the favourable attributes of its forebears, namely resilience, conformation and enthusiasm.

Variations of brown were once the most common; however black is now more popularly seen. The height of a Fell Pony ranges between 13-14 hands and the breed boasts sure-footedness and a friendly disposition, making it a great pleasure mount for amateur riders.

Did you know..?

Due to strict tax and trade laws in the 17th and 18th centuries, smuggling became a popular solution. Because of their dark colouring, easy handling, versatility and speed, Fell Ponies were widely utilised along the coastlines of Britain, working to transport goods such as salt, spices, tobacco and spirits.

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