Austrian Warmblood

Austrian Warmblood

Hailing from Austro-Hungary in the 18th century, the Austrian Warmblood is a cavalry horse of old, developed from the early Furioso, Nonius, Gidran and Shagya strains.

During the late 19th century, breeding of the Austrian Warmblood incorporated the speed and spirit of the Thoroughbred and the endurance and elegance of the Arabian, two breeds included in the breeding program for the purpose of refinement.

Today, this equine is purposely bred for competition riding and is valued for its even temperament, rideability and willingness. Generally speaking, the Austrian Warmblood is solid bay, chestnut, brown, black or grey, yet all colours are permissible. A height of 15.5 hands is about average for the breed.

Combining the best traits of its ancestors, the Austrian Warmblood is a popular horse breed amongst equestrians and amateur riders, although the gene pool in this country is relatively small.

Did you know..?

Identifying this breed is often difficult based on appearance and conformation alone. On the left hip should be branded an ‘A,’ which will confirm that you are in fact looking at an Austrian Warmblood.