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The Greyhound originates from...

Unbeknownst to most, the Greyhound is one of the world's oldest and most historically referenced breeds. Dating back over 4000 years, the Greyhound features notably in the hieroglyphics of Egypt's ancient pyramids and in visuals and engravings of the time. Principally bred for laterally racing and coursing across the continent of Europe, historical analyses of DNA suggests that the true origin of the Greyhound derives from Celtic mainland Europe in the 5th and 6th century BCE. Greyhound rescue and adoption began on a large-scale in the 20th century, especially in North America where the breed experienced a resurgence in popularity as a family pet and companion.

The Greyhound is characterised by...

Whilst being one of the world's oldest canine breeds, it is by far the fastest on the planet. Easily recognised by its lean yet muscular build and elongated muzzle, the Greyhound has a disproportionately large heart, a high percentage of fast-twitch muscle and a flexible spine for changing direction at full speed. A Greyhound's fur is extremely short, maintaining a fine condition, and commonly recognised in colour variations of white, fawn, blue (grey), black and brindle. Due to 20th century large-scale rescue, there are currently more retired Greyhounds living in the home than there are still racing.

The average Greyhound...

Contrary to popular belief, the Greyhound is an amiable, relaxed and gentle breed, with a quiet temperament that enjoys regular human contact. The Greyhound is neither aggressive nor highly strung, but docile and dependable towards its owners. Compatible with children and other house pets when introduced to them gradually, the breed is low maintenance and makes a great addition to any home setting. Whilst there are discrepancies across gender, the average Greyhound will weigh between 24-30 kg, with a life expectancy of approximately 12 years when shown appropriate care.

Because no breed is without its weakness...

Typically the Greyhound is a healthy, long-lived breed, however its unique physique makes it susceptible to certain health complaints. Greyhounds do not have undercoats and are subsequently more vulnerable to skin sores and irritation; they are particularly unsuited to the use of insecticides, particularly those that are pyrethrin-based. The Greyhound's lack of undercoat and general body fat makes the breed susceptible to extreme temperatures, so it is essential they are always housed indoors.

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Our Greyhound owners' thoughts

10th Oct 2013
Carmen Williams
  • VioVet Customer Since: February 2010
  • From: West Lothian, United Kingdom

I have a black greyhound. She is now 131/2 years. No health problems apart from a leaky bladder for which she has meds and now not a problem. Loves her "people"'her dog friends (large and small) and her cuddles. Best of all she loves her bed! We still go for 2hr walks however she has slowed down now and goes for the sniffs and not the adventure any more. Loving dog loving life.

6th Nov 2014
Fiona Maughan
  • VioVet Customer Since: June 2012
  • From: Tyne and Wear, United Kingdom

I got Honey 6 months ago when my Border collie died , she is an ex Racer aged about 4 and the best thing i ever did.
She is loving,docile,loves children and other dogs, sleeps most of the time. 2 relaxing walks a day and twice a week to the Park for a run,after which she sleeps for 6 hours.She can be a bit greedy ,so have to make sure of not too many treats.
Love her to bits and she loves me

16th Nov 2014
Marina Connelly
  • VioVet Customer Since: January 2014
  • From: East Ayrshire, United Kingdom

Our Boogie is an ex raced, stunningly beautiful and so easy to love and look after. Adopting a greyhound was the best thing we did - did not know much about the breed before we had him, but would have another one grey if I could.

11th Dec 2014
Alexandra Hall
  • VioVet Customer Since: December 2014
  • From: Oxfordshire, United Kingdom

I have 3 ex racers at the moment and they are a fantastic breed to own.

30th Oct 2015
Trudi Broughton
  • VioVet Customer Since: November 2011
  • From: Hants, United Kingdom

Rollie is my 6th ex-racer I have had at home and they make wonderful pets. Just give them time to adapt and see the world and you will have the most faithful, loving friend for life!!

3rd Jan 2016
Nick Thurston
  • VioVet Customer Since: January 2013
  • From: Kent, United Kingdom

Currently we only have one greyhound, Cushtie, as we recently lost her mate Alfie. We always take ex racers, Cushtie is our 4th, and we try to keep them in pairs.
Incredibly loving, gentle, loyal they have all been 40mph couch potatoes. Some ex racers have a pretty tough start to life and spend 2 to 3, maybe 4 years in kennels, so a home can be a little confusing at first, but they soon settle and pick which sofa is theirs..... ;-)
The breed have a really endearing habit of bowing to you, and nothing melts my heart more 1st thing in the morning that Cushtie stretching out her front paws to give me her morning "bow" as a greeting.

9th Aug 2016
Mrs Barbara Hunt
  • VioVet Customer Since: March 2013
  • From: Bedfordshire, United Kingdom

I have adopted 7 greyhounds in total and one foster. I had Dobermanns in the past but as i got older and when my last Dobie passed over,i thought about rescuing a dog and i read up about the greyhound and it suited our lifestyle so we contacted Jodie at Castledon Greyhound rescue and she did a home check which we passed and invited us to visit the hounds at the kennels and we chose Max who was 7 years old and had only ever known kennels all his life and he kept getting left because of his age and his colour ,he was black ,but he spent 6 happy years with us and was our introduction to the breed, we then got Misty ,a blue brindle as a companion for Max and they got on very well, The greyhound makes an excellent pet ,only need 2 thirty minute walks per day,then they like to chill out. they very rarely bark,are good with children i'd say from 8 onwards as they can be very boisterous and excitable around children. I am completely besotted with greyhounds and wish i had a mansion so that I could rescue more ,as so many are looking for homes.

21st Aug 2016
Fiona Tomlin
  • VioVet Customer Since: January 2015
  • From: Greater Manchester, United Kingdom

Sunny is our second rescue greyhound and whilst I love all dogs our first greyhound, JJ, captured my heart and has me well and truly obsessed. Such a loving breed, they are your best friend and love you as much as you love them. They are perfect house companions spending most of their lives lazing about, mainly on their back,! They also don't need much exercise but are more than capable of a good days romp over the hills if their endurance fitness is built up. They are perfect in every way , I just wish I lived in a huge house and then I'd love to have a small pack!

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