Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Staffordshire Bull Terrier

The Staffordshire Bull Terrier originates from...

Traditionally bred for the purpose of bull-baiting, the original Staffordshire Bull Terrier was developed in county Staffordshire, the result of crossing between the Bulldog and various terriers. Once blood sports were finally dispensed with in Great Britain in 1835, the Staffy (or Stafford) became a popular companion dog, used as an efficient ratter and a fearless hunter. Like the AmStaff, the Staffordshire Bull Terrier was widely enlisted during WW1 as a messenger dog and sentry, and thus features prominently in military history. Despite having experienced some breed-bans and restrictions in recent years, interest in the breed has waned very little. The Staffordshire Bull Terrier was officially recognised by the Kennel Club in 1935.

The Staffordshire Bull Terrier is characterised by...

Combining the traits of its forebears, the Staffy is a compact and stocky dog, characterised by a strong jaw, powerful body and muscular legs, low-set eyes, a broad face, a short to mid-length tail and high-set, pointed ears. The breed appears in solid or parti-colour, with most variations permissible, usually with patches or patterning on the stiff coat. Some colours such as tan, liver and black are highly undesirable. The Staffordshire Bull Terrier has experienced restrictions in recent years with conditions being placed on ownership, yet it remains highly desirable for its even temperament, distinctive structure and appearance.

The average Staffordshire Bull Terrier...

The common conception of the Staffy is that of a vicious and unpredictable breed, possessing an aggressive instinct. Although the original Staffordshire Bull Terrier may have boasted these traits, such have been bred out of it for the purpose of establishing a more balanced and docile companion dog. The breed is said to be compatible with and devoted to children and, when properly trained, is a reliable guardian and companion. Determined, intelligent and territorial, the Staffy requires firm leadership and obedience training from an early age. On average, a healthy Staffordshire Bull Terrier weighs 13-17 kg, with a life expectancy of 10-15 years when cared for accordingly.

Because no breed is without its weakness...

Despite being typically resilient, the Staffy is susceptible to a variety of inherited disorders, including thyroid disease, optical disorders and juvenile cataracts. As with most breeds, hip and elbow dysplasia occur occasionally, as do skin complaints.

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Our Staffordshire Bull Terrier owners' thoughts

20140219 04:08 pm
Norfolk, United Kingdom

Cherry is a gentle loving Staffie, who adores cuddles and could be stroked for eternity. I should have named her Shadow or Velcro as she never leaves your side! I could not wish for a more loving dog. One of natures most gentle animals. :)

20140219 04:08 pm
Norfolk, United Kingdom

I have a female Staffie called Cherry, although I should have called her Shadow or Velcro as she never leaves my side and follows me everywhere. Cherry is so gentle and loving, and loves being cuddles and stroked! Staffies have been given a bad name over the years, but its not the breed, its the bad owners who mistreat them! If you want a soft and loving dog, a Staffie is for you, but please treat them with love and respect like all animals deserve.

20140222 08:45 am
Lancashire, United Kingdom

I wouldn't give her away for the world my dog - tiny (ironic really because she is quite fat) is scared of most things and definitely does not live up to the so called " aggressive" temperate as she is loving and patient even when I hug her a bit on the tight side! Its not the dog its the owner any dog could be aggressive if you mistreat it! She is obsessed with pedigree milky bones and likes to sit down in front of the fire and have a cuddle with my dad haha :-) she is very calm and I don't know why people could use them for baiting and fighting when their little faces are so cute!!


Our staffie Becki is such a happy 8 year old who always loves to chase her tail, she is completely loveable and enjoys everyone's company. She loves her strokes and playing games and lives with two cats who all get on well together. Our lives would not be the same without her.


One word. Snore. Our Truffle snores when awake. She never stops talking. And the ninja lick gets you every time.
Beautiful girl, absolutely perfect.

20140402 10:11 am
Northamptonshire, United Kingdom

I have a staffy his name is Bruno and he is aa cuddle monster. He is a lovely friendly boy who loves to sit on your lap even though he is heavy. I love him to the moon and back.


my staffy is a loving beautiful girl who had a bad start but that doesnt stop her giving us a happy funny life with her i dont know how id cope without her


My staffie loves everybody and is my best friend


Dilly is my brindle staffy cross. At 18 months she is just starting to calm down a bit! She has long legs which are spring loaded when excited. She is very pretty and highly intelligent, bouncy and loving and due to her intelligence enjoys pushing boundaries just like a child testing its Mother. She is not for the those that like the easy life, she will keep you on your toes. Dilly wants to love everyone and be loved by everyone. She is rufty tufty in her play but gentle when asked and my word is she strong! Her speed is an eye opener that's for sure. A staffy cross can be a handful and sometimes i wish she wasn't quite so intelligent, but the rewards are worth it!

20140522 01:20 pm
Hertfordshire, United Kingdom

My Staffy Lenny-Pig is the most people loving dog i have ever met.
He thinks everyone loves him as much as he loved them, which most people dont. I have had to teach a rock solid recall as if he sees a person in the woods while we are out he will go bombing up to them at 100mph and expect them to be pleased to see him...
He is VERY intelligent and learns new tricks well. This is good and bad, because if you reniforce a behaviour once, it may be stuck for life! But this is of course wonderful. LP was 2yrs old when i got him so although the first year was a handful, he has turned into the most wonderful dog i could have hoped for.
He will continue to change peoples perspective on Staffies. A lot of people are suprised at how much of a big baby he really is :-) x

20141016 05:46 pm
Lanarkshire, United Kingdom

My little black girl is called Dixie she's nearly two years old and very clever just as am writing this she has managed to get her hood off her head. She is great around the young ones in the house and with other dogs but is scared of her own shadow. She has had a lot of allergy problems but we are working at treating them. She is very lively and is very strong when she sees a squirrel but is the most lovable dog and would not change her in an instant

20130215 11:09 am
Essex, United Kingdom

I am owned by two beautiful staffies and i feel so lucky. Staffies sadly get bad press which is not deserved at all. It's all down to the owner and how the pooch is treated. If loved and well looked after, they are fantastic! Staffies have the biggest hearts and are always happy to have a cuddle. They do think they are lap dogs though but i would never change that

20150720 06:36 pm
Durham, United Kingdom

my little girl saffy is nearly 12 she would not harm a fly never has loves other animals we also have a 16 yr old cat (cats in charge) saffy adores people and children. these poor dogs have such bad press its all down to the owners you can have a yorkie as vicious as you like give this breed a break

20150720 06:36 pm
Durham, United Kingdom

lovely dogs but sadly also some shamefull owners you can have any breed vicious give this breed a break

20110622 09:13 pm
North Yorkshire, United Kingdom

patch is my staffi,until i owned him i would never had 1,but what a fool,they are not aggressivebut the oppositte loving fun loyal always up for fun amazing with children and disabled people go a haed give 1 a home plaese xx

20150104 05:20 pm
Cambridgeshire, United Kingdom

I adopted my staffie from a proper centre who at the age of 10 years had not been properly socialised,(not her fault). I have worked very hard with her this past year and can't believe she is the same dog. She loves people and children, but I am still careful around other dogs, for her benefit as well as the other dogs benefit. She has become a very loving girl and very protective of me. She still has some issues but not with people. Such a shame she wasn't properly socialised and for this I BLAME THE OWNER, NOT THE DOG.

20150508 01:04 pm
Kent, United Kingdom

When I met my now hubby, he already had Tai - they came as a package; I'm not really a "doggy" person, don't mind other people's but have never had the desire to have my own; Tai, with his daftness, cuteness and many funny ways, made me fall in love with him. He is still my hubby's dog but Tai is my mate and I wouldn't be without him now. He is part of the family and as important as any of the children.
I feel the reputation that staffs have is unfair and not true - the worst thing that Tai would do is lick you to death, he is soppy and loves nothing more than having a cuddle.

20160326 03:29 pm
Derbyshire, United Kingdom

Our 1 year old staffie is so good with our 2 boys and so gentle please give this breed a break

20150409 05:43 pm
Dorset, United Kingdom

We have 2 Staffies. Staffordshire Bull Terriers are very clever and love a good game but nothing more than a cuddle. Staffies need to be trained early and a set routine, they will do anything to please you and learn very fast. Staffies love people and children, and will get on well with other pets too with the right guidance. Our staffy girl (who sadly passed away last year) used to love my fancy rats, she would sit still and let them climb all over her she could not get enough of it. As much as a child a dog is not born bad, people make dogs bad! Get to know this lovable breed don't judge by the press! There are more evil Chihuahuas and Jack Russells around than bad Staffies , but the evil little breeds don't get the bad press as it isn't worth mentioning to them.

20150104 05:20 pm
Cambridgeshire, United Kingdom

Further to my comments on the 5/9/15. Well Anna has become a really sociable dog now and spends 98% of her time off lead, other 2% walking to and from the park. She is so loving, it all comes down to how all dogs, not just Staffies are bought up. It is not the dogs fault, it all comes down to the owners and how they are raised.

20160626 09:12 pm
Essex, United Kingdom

My nibbly pig Dexter is my best friend and constant companion, VERY cuddly and never leaves my side. I swear this breed has a sense of humour, and a loving heart, they are so laid back and sweet. It's always the a**ehole on the other end of the lead that gives them a bad name or makes them behave in a certain way, it is not their nature. Best dogs in the universe :)

20160517 12:43 pm
Berkshire, United Kingdom

kind sweet and very intelligent dogs can be stubborn

20160117 02:52 pm
West Sussex, United Kingdom

Staffordshire bull terriers have gained a bad reputation in recent years, quite unjustly. We got our Staffy, whose name is Rio, in 2013, when she was 7 years old. She was an unknown quantity to begin with, but so is any dog who is new to your family. She is, in fact, a wonderful girl, who is extremely loving, and has a particular soft spot for our grandchildren.
In fact Staffies are so people-friendly that it has often led to them being stolen - they will pretty much go off with anyone who gives them a kind word.
That being said, they ARE loyal to their owners and family, and will defend you if the need arises.
Staffies love to sleep, and they love to play - particularly 'zoomies' (running up and down and around at about a100 miles per hour!) and 'tuggers', especially with those cotton rope tugger toys.
They can be prone to itch, flaky skin, but that can be sorted out with diet or, if necessary, antihistamines from your vet.
In short these dogs, which some people are so afraid of, are FAR more likely to lick you to death than to bite you, they are THAT FRIENDLY! :)

20140326 06:44 pm
Greater Manchester, United Kingdom

Our Gary is a Velcro dog whenever we are in the house he has to be touching you, he lives for attention and wants to be stroked by everyone we walk past. We have a 1 year old daughter and he is the gentalist with her but he also likes a bit of rough and tumble with me. They get unfair attention in the press but as far as my experience goes with the breed they are just big softies that want to be cuddled.

20110804 07:13 pm
Lincolnshire, United Kingdom

I have owned several breeds of dog, but without doubt my 11year old brindle staffie is the most loving and sweet dog ever, wouldn't swap him for anything. Sadly bad owners have caused them to have a bad reputation, but only among people who don't understand dogs.

20151009 05:33 pm
Cheshire, United Kingdom

I rescued sansa last year after losing my 14 year old boy.She has a bad start in life and hasnt really been socialised around other dogs but were workin on it . At home she is really nosey and as soon as the fridge or cupboard is open she is there.She loves a ball but i think most staffs do and you should see her meerkat impression.She has her issues but i would not swap my girl for anything.

20170925 09:12 am
United Kingdom

Bruno (aka "the pig") is my 4th rescue SBT. He's 3yrs old and we've had him just over a year. He was a bag of bones when we got him but look at him now! He weighs a healthy 25kg and loves life! He goes absolutely everywhere with us and wouldn't change him for the world. They get such a bad name but it's only down to them falling into the wrong human hands and people trying to turn them into something they're not. I would have a staffy over any dog all day long!

20171007 06:05 pm
Derbyshire, United Kingdom

My husband and I have had red Staffies for 40 years. When he died I had mother and daughter Staffies. I don't know what I would've done without them. They have kept me sane and busy but I have since lost Lexie's mother at 12yrs old and now only have a 13-year-old Lexie. All our dogs have been fabulous with young children and are now companions to my grandchildren. They seem to know not to be rough or jump up to little ones and make marvellous nannies, although I would never leave any dog with a small child. X

20140126 09:04 pm
Norfolk, United Kingdom

Our Poppy picked us at a rescue centre and is a fabulous dog. She is soppy, loving and bombproof with people and dogs. She is highly intelligent and was a doddle to train. Never set out to get one but wouldn’t hesitate to recommend to everyone now.

20171113 10:07 am
United Kingdom

My 11 year old baby boy "Jasper" is the most loving pup who adores ripping all his toys to shreds ! Jumping all over everyone and runs like a jack rabbit when off his lead. Love my Staffy to the moon and stars 🐶💙🌙✨✨

20161208 02:11 pm
Northamptonshire, United Kingdom

Like everyone else who has ever rescued a Staffie, no matter what they were like before they are the most loving of dogs, resilient, tenacious but so, so, cuddly, my grandson, who is scared of dogs in general loves nothing more than huge cuddles with my Staffies, they are so gentle around him as well, but can be very boisterous with me, love them unconditionally and they will reward you in kind


I had a wonderful stafjords hire bull terrier until the 23rd December 2017 when she died up until then she was the most wonderful dog you ever could have she knew when you didn't feel well she was always my companion and everyone loved her we are now lost