American Quarter Horse

American Quarter Horse

An equine with an impressive history, the American Quarter Horse first emerged during the 1700s when colonists undertook to breed English Thoroughbred horses with the ‘Chickasaw,’ a breed thought to have hailed from Spain and the native Spanish Conquistadors, before being introduced to the American West.

Such a breeding produced a powerful, well-balanced horse with a robust appearance and an aptitude for many working fulfillments, namely rounding cattle on ranches across the West and pulling wagons over great distances.

With the advent of flat-racing, the Quarter Horse became an instant success, being able to reach speeds of up to 55 mph over a short stretch. Highly valued for its speed, willingness, power and athleticism, the Quarter Horse has remained one of the most popular equines throughout history.

Achieving heights of up to 17 hands, the American Quarter Horse is a sight to be reckoned with. Commonly observed in colours of sorrel, bay, palomino, dun, roan (including blue, bay and red), black and brown. Today, the Quarter Horse is still seen in American rodeos, competition and working the farm or ranch.

Did you know..?

The American ‘Quarter’ Horse adopted its name by championing the quarter mile track of American flat race trials. Originally known as the ‘Quarter-Miler,’ the breed became the ‘American Quarter Horse’ in 18th century colonial America.

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From Northamptonshire, United Kingdom

My AQH is my first every horse. I am very lucky to have found my forever friend at the age of 55, I cannot recommend this breed enough.
Quite, calm natured and quick to learn new things, even at the age of 16 years young.
Love him to bits.