Lowchen (Little Lion Dog)

Lowchen (Little Lion Dog)

The Lowchen originates from...

The true beginnings of the Lowchen or 'Little Lion Dog' are subject to conjecture, with some suggesting it developed in France in the 1500s, later emerging in Germany and Spain. Falling within the 'toy' breed group, the Lowchen is theorised to be related to the Bichon, bearing a striking resemblance to the popular breed. It is possible that the Lowchen resulted from crossing of Tibetan dogs, brought to Europe by travellers, and native Terrier and Spitz. Popular amongst the wealthy and elite as companion and lap dogs, the Lowchen has enjoyed a colourful history, being widely utilised as flea catchers and foot warmers throughout the centuries. Made popular during the Renaissance, a period when the Lowchen was believed to represent courage, the breed found its way onto many paintings, tapestries and engravings. Following WWI, numbers of Lowchen diminished, and it was purely due to the efforts of Belgium-born Madame Bennert that the breed did not become extinct.

The Lowchen is characterised by...

Highly distinctive, the Lowchen is not easily mistaken for any other breed. The Lowchen derives its name, 'Little Lion Dog' from its mane-like coat, covering the forequarters of the dog, and its bare hindquarters that are traditionally clipped, resembling the appearance of a lion. With short legs, a broad skull, pendant ears, a high-set tail and coat feathering on the chest, ears, feet and tail, the Lowchen is a unique and charming-looking breed, guaranteed to get noticed! Common in colours of white, lemon and black, usually with coat speckling.

The average Lowchen...

Typically cheerful, lively and sociable, the Lowchen makes a great addition to domestic life, either for a family or a dedicated sole owner. Boasting intelligence, natural vigilance and the ability to adapt to new situations and people, the Lowchen is well suited to active home living, providing its needs for exercise, mental enrichment and human companionship are met. The Lowchen may look fragile but it is in fact a robust, confident and fearless dog, capable of protecting itself and its family if potential threat is perceived. On average, a healthy adult Lowchen will weigh 4-8 kg, with a life expectancy of 12-15 years when shown the appropriate love and care.


Generally a healthy and long-lived breed, the Lowchen is not susceptible to any breed-specific ailments. Whilst there are a number of documented cases of hip dysplasia and patellar luxation, these are common complaints across all breeds. Various optical disorders are also identified in the Lowchen.

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Added on 08/04/2018

A fun loving full of life dog, make good friend for active children, this dog is NOT short on leg it is almost square. can be in pet clip when it is part of the family it is shown in the Lion trim, coat easy to care for yet must be groomed. they do well and Love many sports, and enjoy learning, many live to the ripe old age of 16 to 18. the oldest one I have had was 19 years old. They are a breed that usually changes colour most of its life except the whole colours.

Added on 30/04/2018

We've just adopted a four year old Lowchen from a breeder and who had been used really as a puppy machine. We've had her 3 weeks now and whilst she was very shy and timid at first she is gradually coming out of her shell and is starting to play. She is lovely, so docile, very quiet and she hasn't barked yet. And, she has taken over more than half the bed!!!

Added on 06/12/2018
Joined 06/12/2018
From United Kingdom

Adorable, handsome, hardy and full of fun. A highly recommended small dog with a big personality.

Added on 06/12/2018
Joined 06/12/2018
From United Kingdom

Our Lowchen, Sammy is the most adorable, affectionate, funny & loving companion. A very undemanding easy going breed & very easy to train. A highly recommended small breed with a big personality.

Added on 17/03/2019
Joined 10/09/2013
From Greater Manchester, United Kingdom

Harry is my third Lowchen since 1989 and I wouldn't have any other breed. They are so loving and gentle. We have him teddy cut every 6-8 weeks, not in the breeders lion cut . He is 7 but everyone thinks he's a puppy. I don't understand people paying a thousand pounds or more for a so-called designer dog when one can buy a pedigree Lowchen for three quarters of that and know the temperament of the dog they are getting. Please research breeders well though. You can be sure that a reputable breeder will be researching YOU before they will allow one of their precious puppies into your home.