Arabian Mau

Arabian Mau

The Arabian Mau originates from...

Believed to have evolved from the early African wildcat, the Arabian Mau is a natural breed of domestic cat that has been in existence for over 1,000 years. Originating in the hot, arid landscapes of Kuwait, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, the Arabian Mau moved towards human settlements as deserts became cities and the cat came in search of food. Quickly domesticated, the Arabian Mau is now a popular breed choice in the Middle East, and was the first breed to be recognised by the World Cat Federation in over a decade. It is widely believed that the breed was initially developed by Ms. Petra Mueller, who currently lives with 50 Arabian Mau in her home.

The Arabian Mau is characterised by...

The variety is described as medium-sized, with a firm structure that is not as slender as other breeds. The Arabian Mau boasts long legs, a tapering tail and large ears. The single coat is fine and glossy, shedding moderately, and is recognised in three varieties – tabby, bicolour, and white. The Arabian Mau is considered a serious and highly inquisitive breed, and is not fussy when it comes to food. Having evolved to scavenge food wherever possible, the Mau of today maintains its keen, unselective appetite and behaves territorially when allowed outdoors. The breed is also a determined hunter and is prone to depositing animals on the doorstep.

The average Arabian Mau...

Highly popular as a domestic pet, the Arabian Mau is compatible with children and other house animals when introduced to them gradually, and is well suited to indoor or outdoor living. Owners and fanciers have described the Mau’s temperament as loving, affectionate and gentle. Whilst grooming is important, the Mau is very capable of taking care of itself when it comes to maintaining its coat, and is only an average shedder, something which suits the house-proud amongst us! Typically, a fully-grown Arabian Mau can weigh up to 15 pounds, although there are large discrepancies. If housed inside, this breed can live for 20 years or longer.


Generally healthy and resilient, any breed-specific or genetic diseases are not well documented in the breed. No specific condition or health affliction appears with any great prevalence, although due to its relative rarity, this is difficult to determine.

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Our Arabian Mau owners' thoughts

Added on 19/06/2016

I own an arabian mau... they are extremely vocal and I mean constant meowing and yowling with little squeels and squeaks....this woyld drive the average person Iinsane but they're just chatting with you soon as I talk to mine she stops..... also very agile and extremely playful... can be a little demanding.... I wouldn't recommend this breed if you're not very patient... but all round an amazing breed...

Added on 18/10/2017

I am a mother of an Arabian Mau and I love her to the moon and back.

Added on 29/10/2017

I own 3 Arabian maus
I interacted and owned a lot of them over the years living in Arabia.
Males are much more quite then females ;)
the are very playful and energetic, if you devote time you can train them to be very respectful and polite.
my cats don't enter my Room until I call them or allow them to go in which is a must if I want to keep them home.

Added on 01/02/2018

We own an arabian mau. Whilst loving and adorable he can be incredibly aggressive and his high pitched "screaming" petrifies my other cats! Very territorial indoors and outdoors.

Added on 14/05/2018
Joined 26/07/2010
From Berkshire, United Kingdom

My Cat Abu is very affectionate and playful. He likes to come to sit on your lap but when he had enough he will let you know.

Added on 15/11/2019
Joined 27/09/2015
From West Midlands, United Kingdom

I am owned by an Arabian Mau. She is adorable and very loving. Somewhat vocal and demanding so wouldnt suit someone without much patience. She is somewhat territorial also, inside and out and and as I foster rescues I have to be very careful to keep her under control around them. She is very good and plays with the dog when she is in the mind to.
My Friend has her brother and he is a very social chap with his room mates who are normal UK short-haired moggies but outside he is very territorial and aggressive so is kept on a harness fur other animals safety but inside he is a complete doll and a love limpet to his human and loves him unconditionally. The males seem more loving than the females.

Added on 10/06/2021
Joined 23/06/2020
From Bedfordshire, United Kingdom

I have 6 Arabian Maus and have been rescuing and rehoming the breed for 5 years now.
Of course there are always exceptions but in general I would say they are very intelligent and loving cats. Agile, energetic and often vocal. Mine aren’t at all territorial but of course there are exceptions as with all breeds of cat. They can be stubborn and are definitely not boring cats!